Today I am 30

I officially turned 30 on Tuesday…

And to be honest… I’m a little disappointed….

Shouldn’t there some life changing shift inside of me? That internal shift from being young and immature to being more responsible and adultish…..

Come on! I’m thirty for Christ’s sake..

I shouldn’t have Frozen‘s Let It Go stuck in my head for three days straight. And the only temporarily relief from that is having Everything is Awesome from the Lego movie stuck in my head..

I shouldn’t have Vampire Diaries in my Hulu Queue. Or BBC’s MisFits.

I shouldn’t be joining clubs at college to avoid cleaning up the house…

I should have a plan on what we’re having for dinner at least an hour before I have to make it… Not right when the kids declare they’re hungry….

I should also have a game plan on what I plan on doing career wise for the rest of my life.

Honestly.. Faith.. Time to grow up right?

Nope.. Thirty is just 29 + 1. Absolutely nothing has changed. Granted it’s only been three days…

Apparently even grandfather time isn’t a miracle worker..

This meme sums it up well:


8 thoughts on “Today I am 30

  1. Don’t worry, it will hit you. It happens at a different age for everyone. I was told it will usually hit at either 30 or 40; nope. For me, both those were easy. 35 hit me like a brick wall. That day was a real tough one. Let us know when it does hit; and good luck with it.

  2. The meme. Yes. THAT. LOL My 30th is in mid April and I already keep feeling like something should be changing. I guess some things are – around me. But it does feel like *I* should be changing, maturing, moving on beyond what I already am.

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