How we do Frozen…

This morning was another chilly day at the bus stop…

I’ve mentioned this before.. but I see myself as an adviser to my kids rather than a dictator. I give them a lot more freedom than I guess is acceptable to most in making their own decisions.

And even when those choices aren’t the best.. it usually doesn’t kill them in the long run (or hasn’t yet… knock on wood)

For instance, neither of my children felt the need to zip up their jackets this morning. My daughter’s jacket sometimes gets stuck and she has issues with unzipping it. So she prefers to not have it zipped. She’s little Miss Independence. It could be turning your nose into an icicle weather and her jacket is flapping open. So instead she usually wears a zip up sweater underneath. I will admit thought that today she didn’t.

The neighbor lady is always harping on her to zip her jacket up. Every time I say that sometimes common sense is learned through experience.. Or she is well aware that she should zip her jacket but chooses not to..

The car recorded this morning temperature at 23 degrees Fahrenheit if you’re curious.. So below freezing point folks.. It was cold and you sure wouldn’t catch me without a million layers…

Well today my neighbor mentioned it, and my son had decided to support his sister. He insisted it wasn’t that cold out.. took his jacket completely off and ran around saying spring was coming.. he could FEEL it..

Then my neighbor was like “put your jacket on you’re going to get sick.. and then your mom is going to have to stay at home and lose money and won’t be able to afford to buy you toys.”

There was a lot to that statement that if I had the time would have broken down…

But instead, to show where my son gets his sarcasm genes from, I chuckled and responded with. “Silly neighbor lady.. assuming I work”


It was first thing in the morning, and a stressful one at that, but this comment really rubbed me the wrong way.

First of all… do we even have to go into how being outside in the cold weather is not how you get sick?

Secondly, if my children do get sick. I hope they never for a second think that being so is a burden to myself. Or that my position in life (ie work or school) would ever even for a second have more standing with me than them.

Thirdly, They don’t get toys because I have the ability to purchase them. They get an allowance and I’m a cheap woman. You don’t get anything for free from this woman.. Daddy on the other hand……I do go overboard on birthdays and holidays but even they know (and indulge) that often the splurges are more for myself than them. I like to go big.. but it’s like a camel prepping for a long journey in the desert.. No oasis to be found until the next holiday šŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “How we do Frozen…

  1. *face palm* There’s a lot about judging people that you don’t know that I dislike and the comment would have rubbed me wrong, too. Every so often I like to daydream about having neighbors that we’re close to and a lot of nearby friends and what not, but then…reality hits.

    1. We’re “close” as we help take care of each other when needed… but she’s not the brightest so I’m not surprised by the comments…. Especially with her comments after mine which was like “Oh well I just assumed”.. and I wanted to be like “Yeah you kind of assumed a lot of things in the last comments….” but I kept it in lol.

  2. I also let my children make their own choices, which ends up with situations like you just posted about. I am lucky I found “tights” that Lylah will wear under all her dresses and skirts, they are thick enough I don’t have to worry about her freezing, but last year she wouldn’t wear anything and often times would go outside in shorts and a winter jacket. *shrugs* it was her choice, but the dirty looks I got were epic. (I’d also like to note that on said days, she would only last outside for maybe 20 minutes and would be running inside) šŸ™‚ No one knws how to mind their own business

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