My Math Teacher is a FAKER

Awww Cyanide and Happiness.. That’s exactly how I feel when I have to answer math questions…

My professor is an older gentlemen and he’s got the saltiness of a retired vet. He’s funny, but very forgetful.. I feel sometimes that we as the students are teaching him…..

As the workload has become more complicated, my class is beginning to fall apart. I’ve not hidden the fact that I do my homework during class and since I’m doing really awesome in my independent ops the professor lets it go. I have to because I get so frustrated that I want to take over the class… and that probably won’t look good when I’m asking Professor C for a recommendation to be a tutor in the tutoring center..

This leads me to mostly be in my own world.. I do participate like when he puts problems on the board but in the lengthy discussions of how to get the answers I tune out.

These discussions can go on for awhile because instead of breaking things down so that there could be no more confusion, he gives vague answers that although are right they don’t really solve the issue. It drives me crazy… If he took the time to actually get to the root of the WHY the answer is whatever it happens to be.. these students would’t need to ask the same damn questions OVER AND OVER again.. or at the very least reduce these questions.. then we could actually get out of the rut we seem to have found ourselves…

I know I’m getting ranty at this point… but come the freak on kids! We are in the age of GOOGLE! You can type a problem into the google search engine and someone SOMEWHERE has not only done that exact same problem.. they’ve taken the time to break down the entire piece. Why is it so hard for people if they’re having issues to do some extra leg work to figure things out.. I’ve spent HOURS doing all the problems within the book that weren’t even assigned to make sure that I was proficient enough to be able to be tested… It just blows my mind that people aren’t as willing to make sure they excel.

I can understand if you are just not getting it.. It sounds like it’s a foreign language. Math can get pretty complicated.. but it’s not getting any easier…

And do you even know what is tripping up my class right now?

FREAKING THIRD GRADE WORK. Reducing fractions is what is sending my class into chaos…

Yesterday we took a “practice assessment”.. because we’re having an assessment on Monday… oook.

I whizzed right through it.

When he felt we had enough time he wrote the answers.  All seven of them on the board.

As he was writing I commented to the girl that sits next to me that I think he always makes mistakes to keep us engaged in class. How in the hell can a professor make so many mistakes and STILL have a job… Right?

Of those 7 problems, three were wrong. The goons in the front, who always answer like they know everything but are wrong 50% of the time themselves, corrected one… Then I corrected another.. The third one I was waiting for someone else to correct…

Our instructor made another “I’m old” joke and then asked if everything on the board was correct. No lie, the guy was looking straight at me. So I laughed and said.. “well now that you mention it number # so and so is supposed to have a negative 3 not a positive three”.. He looked at his paper, did his usual “oh I see, you’re right..attagirl!”

Apparently I’m his “attagirl” because I’m the only one he says that to. ( or says it as a phrase of approval.. not sure which) and corrected his answer on the board.. Then moved on..

HE MOVED ON.. There were 4 other problems that could have been wrong.. He didn’t wait for anyone else to double check his work on those..

My spur of the moment joke to my classmate now has some validation of being true! He has even said in class if he didn’t make mistakes he’d never know if we were in a coma or not..

I’m onto you Professor C……


2 thoughts on “My Math Teacher is a FAKER

  1. This reminds me of my first semester math professor…only he wasn’t old and he really was just. that. daft. I seriously want to know how he made it through to becoming a professor. >.<

    1. I know right! The only thing I could think of is that he’s tenured or something.. And maybe this is his very last semester before he retires lol.. I used to hate how my other math professor broke everything down to the basics because I didn’t need it that basic.. but apparently others do. Every time I see my old professor in the hallways I tell her how much I miss her and how chaotic I feel this new class is. She said she’s heard a lot of the same things from others but said I’ll have no trouble with the challenge.. meh

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