The Time Has Come to Admit My Spending Splurges..


So how much of my husband’s hard earned income did I spend supporting my habit?


This month I spent $24.81!

Soooo close to pushing that $25.00 limit!

What did I buy you ask?

Well my daughter begged (or demanded depending on who is telling the story) to make this:

CLICK HERE to see what I’m making

Joan Elliott is my absolute favorite designer.. so it didn’t really require much begging/demanding from the 5 year old.

I already had the pattern and the fabric.. most of the threads..What got me is the metallic threads. There’s three separate colors of metallic threads that really make the colors pop out in this design.. I bought two spool of each color just in case.. I already lost one of the spools so my “just in case” was pretty handy!

With so much snow and more importantly being snowed in, it’s been a sanity line stitching something that is bright and vibrant. It gave me hope that spring does indeed exist and will return!!! And that hope was challenged by some pretty fierce winter forecasts. I got a lot of my stitching done while we were practically snowed in for 6 straight days.. The weather in our area has been insane! I live by the coast for a reason!!

In March I’ll discuss how all my money was sunk into purchasing beads for this gorgeous design!

*for those unaware of what I’m talking about.. THIS POST explains the challenge I’m a part of


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