A Wife that Supports Women on Submarines

From the day I heard women were being integrated onto US submarines three years ago, I’ve been happy. I celebrated at work when I heard the first set of officers graduated.

Unfortunately, I’ve been in a very small minority within the sub community. This has been a hot debate for the past few years. 43 women have been serving on submarines and they’ve been pretty successful from what I’ve heard.. and yet.. despite this there are people that are firm in their beliefs that this is not ok..

I listen to people’s “reasons” and I always just smile and start to drift off.. because the feelings that they are expressing.. are the exact excuses people make whenever there is a civil rights shift…

As much as I’d like to address to every single person on how asinine their excuses sound.. I’ll make you all listen too so I don’t have to repeat myself.

The most common comment I’ve seen from wives regarding this shift in the submarine force is this:

“I don’t trust a woman being alone with my husband for a deployment”

What this boils down to is a severe insecurity that a lot of wives have when it comes to the fidelity of their marriage.. <~ that’s at it’s simplest point.

And that’s ok..

It requires a huge amount of trust to be able to leave your husband with another woman for the span of a deployment and not have that insecurity..

I think it’s more important to note that NO WOMAN wants to be left alone with your husband for a deployment.. Maybe I think mostly in terms of my husband, but I’m pretty sure they are all the same.. They are not the same men that kiss you before they leave. They turn into… hairy freaks. Ok The stories I’ve heard from my husband and shipmates makes them all non attractive. Body odor that permeates all of the galley because one or more men don’t use deodorant. The greasy food and the gas that ensues. The practical jokes and conversation that usually requires some kind drug to be thought up… You’ve been around your husbands 24/7. Try 24/7 for six to seven months. The cuteness than men can exude wears off trust me..  

They are not ALONE stuck in that vessel. There are 148+ other schmucks stuck in there too. And most of them are young and single. I love my husband, look at my previous posts to see he’s a pretty good looking man, but let’s be realistic.. the single guys have a much better chance of getting some action than him..

I’m making an assumption that there’s even going to be some action going on.. Have you been on a submarine? I don’t have an all access pass to the gig but from what I’ve seen there’s no room for a private romantic encounter.. I’m sure it could happen. I’ve heard cases of men loving some men and whatnot.. but it would be more uncomfortable than anything I think..

Oh plus her career would be ruined if they were caught.. I’m willing to bet these women were carefully screened. They are the brightest and some serious alpha chicks to be getting into this career. They know that people are watching, hoping they fail so that it can be rubbed in their and their supporters faces. It’s not to say that they won’t make mistakes, but they are fully aware of what they represent and the cost of this is. The man that steers a strong able bodied woman like this awry has got to have near godlike ability.. and most likely not your husband..

It’s also not like this situation suddenly makes infidelity a possibility. Port calls have been around since vessels needed to feed their crew. It is much easier to not get caught with some wild fling who has no way of contacting you than someone you work with..

So for all the wives that don’t support.. it’s ok to be insecure.. But have more faith in your husband and the ability for a woman to not be attracted to him.

For those newly appointed submariner ladies who have got to be really kick ass women.. if you’re ever in the submarine capital of the world look me up! I’ve got your back 😉


5 thoughts on “A Wife that Supports Women on Submarines

      1. thank you 🙂 that would be great!! I think all servicemen, women, and their spouses and families are awesome… and honestly, my brother is married and it takes a lot to be a military spouse, so truthfully speaking – you DO serve in some ways… and my appreciation is for you also.

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