My Valentine’s/Snow Day.. Photo style!

One of the blogs I follow, Flux and Flow, had a post a few days ago where she showed her day hour and by hour in picture format. I thought it was such a fun way to really give you a look into my world…

I attempted to do it hour by hour.. but my day refused to accommodate such restrictions..

Here how’s it went:

More snow meant another snow day! I did my band exercises (tendinitis sucks folks) and then I had my cup of coffee while browsing the net.



Then I played princesses with my daughter:

So King Triton married Maleficent and Ariel wasn’t too thrilled…



Then Maleficent’s minions invaded The Avenger’s compound in my son’s room. Who knew she was a mad scientist?!




Followed by some unpicture worthy chores…




Time to dance! We blasted the music as loud as the speakers would allow and got out some of that pent up energy!



I was tired and needed a break:



Then was challenged to some serious Go Fish action:



We decided to make some homemade V-Day cards:





Then our dog started freaking out followed by a knock at our back door.. This is what we found:

IMG_20140214_161729_779 My husband found a dead hawk and decided to play with it..I worry about him sometimes


Schoolwork…ugh.. I’m not digging Literature and Composition…. It’s not as fun at my last course




Hubby took me out for Valentine’s Day. We went to Dave and Buster’s in Providence.. Fun was had.. I dominated in Connect Four and Deal or No Deal.. Hubby slaughtered me in anything that involved a gun..





Thus concludes the peek into the day in the life of Faithie 😉





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