Is He Dead?

Ever see the prank going around facebook:

I have to admit that I dreamed often of doing this to my friend who was in need of some extra cash and worked at our hotel doing housekeeping for a bit.. I even planned on having one of our friends lay in the bed to make it look realistic. Then I realized it would require me to get to work way earlier than usual and that was enough to never follow through with the plan….

A few days ago my mom posted on facebook about how one of our housekeepers ran into the lobby SCREAMING that there was a dead body in one of the rooms.. She was shaking in tears and could barely be consoled….

What made it worse was the fact that the room had been rolled over. When you roll over a room it means that either your work load is so swamped you can’t do EVERY single room on your list that day, the sheet guy shorted us yet again and we don’t have the linens to restock that room, or it’s freezing and dead and who the hell needs that crap in their day.

When you decide to roll over a room you’re supposed to strip the room.. Get the old linens out. Take the trash out at least so it doesn’t stink up the room…

Did the housekeeper do that? NOPE!

So now she’s in seriously dead doodoo because she didn’t even go into the room to do the bare minimum the day before.. Now there’s a DEAD BODY in the room and it’s been sitting there at least 24 hours longer than it should have been..

Pretty sure the labor board would agree that’s sufficient enough of a screw up to lose your job for..

So whether she was upset about the fact she saw a dead body.. or possibly gunna lose her job.. or hell both even.. who knows..

My mom was the only one there. She can’t leave the desk area in case of an emergency. So she called up one of our clerks to come check it out as the housekeeper would not go back on her own..

This is what my friend found:



Suffice to say the housekeeper got pranked by the former guest.. and they didn’t even do a really good job..

Further proof that the houskeepers are not the brightest crayons in the box…..


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