There’s some excitement in the air around here folks!

My English Professor also teaches Women’s Studies, a course my friend really wanted to take but it ended up being cancelled due to lack of interest…. When my friend mentioned it during English class there was a whirlwind…We’re talking about Women’s Studies one minute.. the next we’re agreeing to revamp the school’s Students Advocating For Gender Equality. Or more she is and I’m getting dragged along..


At first I found it a bit questionable..

From the talk that was thrown around, women’s rights and activism.. the dreaded F word.. you know what I’m talking about..


See folks, I am not a feminist.. I am proud of my gender and feel I should have the same rights as men.. but I don’t think men have it that easy either. Men are just as burdened with their gender roles as we women and if we want our roles to change for the better we have to do the same for men..

Don’t get me wrong here. There was a time when women had to be fierce and all beast mode and really shake things up for people to even THINK about change.. That’s how most civil rights situations begin.. But at some point feminism got labeled with bitter angry man hating women.. I’m guilty of instantly generalizing the group as well.. I have seen and met women who are proud to call themselves feminists and don’t embody the man hate…

But still.. the term doesn’t sit well with ME. First of all I hate having any labels… I just feel like you’re set in stone to embody everything that label represents.. or at the very least people don’t give you a chance to show that you DON’T exactly embody everything the label represents..

If I have to label myself.. it’s an Equalist..

I’m really glad that my friend, and new president, is on board with my philosophy.  It’s actually been great. I am an ideas machine and she is the follow through. We seriously couldn’t make a better pair. And since our vision is pretty the same we really have the chance to make things happen! It’s exciting!

We are starting this from the ground up which has required a bit of effort.. we’ve smoozed with the student council.. Kind of even bribed them with food.. They all seem to like the vision we’re promoting with our organization. Apparently the last group running were the hard core stereotypical angry feminists and so our club has a bit of dirty air that we have to clear out. We’ve been promoting it a little bit (but will do so more tomorrow when the all the clubs promote themselves at common hour) I designed the logo above. New emails. Found a really awesome board. New bylaws..

This will be a bit of my legacy that I leave with this college when I eventually move on… I find that exciting!


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