Calvin, Quit Distracting My Kid!

My son has become a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. I can’t say I blame him… Calvin and Hobbes is a classic that can transcend generations. Especially now that he has learned that his school has volume upon volume of these binded into sets. He also has shown a love for the graphic novels called Bones

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The issue that we’re finding is that my son is enjoying these books TOO much. The system at school now is that the books you get from the school library stay at school to be read during your down time or during their reading times. Not a bad idea. In fact.. it helps me not to have to find the library book at home when it gets finished and then forgotten about.


My son is continually coming home with notes stating that he is reading when he should be either paying attention or focusing on schoolwork. My friend said her son had come home a few times as well with said note.. Well hers was mostly “refuses to put the book down after reading time is up”…mostly because he gets upset if he can’t finish at a chapter’s end.

And my son is getting upset, and honestly the geek within me as well, because when she writes her notes it’s “Z was caught reading a COMIC BOOK again in class” I am fully aware the context that “comic book” in her phrase is trying to imply. My son gets upset, because being raised in this geeky household there is a big difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.

Bones is hands down a graphic novel..Now the Calvin and Hobbes.. it’s a book of comic strips.. IE could be simplified to be noted as a comic book.. but it still wouldn’t fall into the negative connotation that the teacher is implying. So instead he’s arguing about that distinction and she’s not having it and the point she’s trying to get across is getting lost because his point isn’t getting across..

I dunno if I want to laugh or cry at the utter inability they have to communicate their situation with each other…

After a moment of reflection I decided to just shake my head in disappointment..

So now I am getting dragged into this..

I want to be like “If this is solely an acknowledgement of the situation, then here’s my signature for that purpose….but this on your turf and I expect you to be able to handle it not me.” I want to be kept in the loop. I want to know if she’s having an issue with my son. And if she wants help with the situation I’m more than willing and able.. but mostly.. this is something his teacher should be able to handle on her own. My son is very bright and respectful. If she was like “I’ve done this and this and and it’s not working.. I think further measures at home in conjunction with the consequences I’ve provided at school would be beneficial to correcting this situation” I’d be like you got it! Then doing what I can to support her because let’s face it ~> being a teacher is tough and if we want our kids to succeed we have to be willing to do what we can from home to ensure they do well..

I feel this situation merits an immediate response that I can’t do from home.. IE.. if my son is having issues with the book being RIGHT THERE IN HIS FACE ALL THE TIME.. then maybe he needs to have it put somewhere else like on the teachers desk until reading time. Or even have a communal library book shelf that is away from his table.

First rule in learning is keeping things that are going to distract you.. ie cell phones/internet browsers/tv  away from your learning space. It’s not a matter of having self control, it’s a matter of setting yourself up for success. I am a grown woman and I have moments where I am easily distracted. My professor even mentioned having her phone at her side is a disturbance.. It’s just the life of being constantly connected…So in order to do well.. you NEED to disconnect even for short periods..and keep what will distract you away.

Kids especially are prone to distraction and that doesn’t mean there’s an issue with them or their attention span. It means that they are not being taught the tools for success. If it’s a distraction it should not be readily available. That simple..



3 thoughts on “Calvin, Quit Distracting My Kid!

  1. So much like what I did when I was in highschool until it came to a point that I was skipping classes so I could stay in the library and read. My mother was called and I had to promise the principal and my teacher (infront of my mom) that I will read novels only during free time.

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