New Classes New Challenges!

I’m settling into my classes nicely.

Well sort of…

I’m currently rocking public speaking. We had to do our first speech yesterday. Introducing another fellow student in the class..

Here’s the thing with me and public speaking.. I’m not in the 15% of the world that love to be on stage… but I’m not against doing it. I am an awesome lady folks! Who wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say? And let’s face it.. I’m not in front of hundreds of random experts on the subject I’m going to talk about.. I’m talking to 20 something kids who are more concerned with doing their own speeches than listening to mine.. So I demanded (already getting what I want to!) to be first.. Not to brag.. but I set the bar for everyone else to the roof!

It helps that I had a little speech prep helping me with my speech and delivery.. I think I found my son’s calling. He helped me figure out what parts of my speech weren’t needed.. Helped me find word choices that flowed together.. and he made me do my speech like a 100 times and timed me to make sure that I didn’t go over. The whole thing flowed smoothly like butter.. I didn’t need note cards or anything..

For the rest of the class I joked that my friend and I were like the two old guys from the muppet show.. We sat in front, kind of away from everyone else and would insert witty commentary while waiting for the teacher to grade everyone…


My math class is where I’m hitting a road block. I have a lot of gripes with this situation. First, I have to bring the text book to class.. It’s like 30lbs… I wish I was kidding. My other math professor let us leave it at home. Not this guy… And he’s yet to actually explain in detail the procedure for anything, and then puts up problems to solve on the board that don’t add up right so he’s constantly going back trying to fix the problem enough to make is solvable.. O.O I spent my last class doing the homework and using the textbook to teach myself how to solve it.. Then I came home and did all the problems in the book to make sure I got it all down..

I’ll most likely be teaching myself EVERYTHING I need to know from the book.. which at first felt very overwhelming.. but challenge accepted! There’s an online version of the book that has handy videos and walk through the homework problems if needed… I don’t really NEED to stress over this.. and so long as he doesn’t mind my independent ops during class than we’ll get along.. I just feel bad because already a lot of my classmates are showing stress from the whole ordeal and may not be capable of teaching themselves the material.

By this point I’m rushing to my English class.. which so far seems like I’ll do just fine. We had a longer than necessary speech about plagiarism..It sounds like my new professor enjoys a good witch hunt and her prey happens to be plagiarists. She says she gets at least 8 a semester.. now it wasn’t clear on 8 in each class or 8 total.. my class was assuming per class.. and to be honest I don’t care.. Getting accused of plagiarism is one of my biggest fears so I will make sure to back my crap up.. As much as I like to spout how awesome and amazing I am.. my thoughts are pretty run of the mill.. Someone has to have thought and produced a paper along the lines I am capable of.. right?!

Then before I know I’m home a little after noon.. it’s working well.. get some quiet/ productive time.. mostly stitching time simply because I CAN..

So far so good!


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