Stitching From Stash!


Here’s the thing for all you that don’t stitch… 

I used to think that this hobby was relatively inexpensive. For instance.. Starry Night. The fabric cost $30 and the 90 threads initially cost me $30.60. I replaced roughly 6 of those threads each month for a monthly cost of $2.04. That equated to $73.44 for the 36 months. I may or have bought a new thing of needles each 6 months which averaged an additional $12.00. 

Starry Night cost me roughly $115.44 to produce.. .


10 cents a day is how much my hobby cost me in the 36 months.

That is one pretty cheap hobby when it’s broken down like that!

This hobby is anything but cheap for others … They may not have been a hoarder in anything in life….until they started cross stitching.. Suddenly, not only are they stitching.. but they’re collecting! Patterns, fabrics, threads.. you name it.. There is always ONE aspect of this hobby that people develop an insane need to get more of..  

People go crazy! 

I’m a bit reserved. I enjoy a good impulse buy here or there.. but other wise I’m pretty self contained. I have the whole DMC threads collection. A few hand dyed threads mostly from other stitchers. I have a bunch of fabrics, most of them given to me by hubby’s mom. My stash would make most wonder if my heart is really in this hobby.. 

I assure I’m just cheap…. 

It was brought to my attention that a few of my friends on a cross stitch forum I frequent were joining in an event called “Stitch From Stash” The goal is to not spend more than $25 a month on this hobby. It’s supposed to force people to focus more on what they already have. It’s noble! Give life to something that you otherwise keep hidden in a bin or on a shelf.. I like that idea!

I spent a grand total of $9.87 this month…

And I’m pretty sure most of it doesn’t even count as it was threads I needed for a project I started before the start of the year…

I also got this hanger thingy.. but it’s something you use to finish a design.. I bought it to see what it was like.. So I’m going to count it because for all I know I’ll never use it.. IT WAS AN IMPULSE haha.. 

What’s cool about this challenge is that what money you haven’t spent out of the $25 gets rolled into the next month.. 

So now in February I have $40.13 to spend!


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