Field Trip!

There has been a horrible bug going around the area.. It’s NASTY..

Like a stacked up set of dominoes we’ve all been picked off one by one… no one has been spared…

Saturday my husband had duty and my son, who is eight, took care of his sister and allowed me to be practically dead on the couch all day. He even made dinner for her and my mom.

On Monday, to show my appreciation of how awesome my kids are we took them to a super cool place:

IMG_20140120_142113_285IMG_20140120_142513_570 IMG_20140120_144215_912 IMG_20140120_144221_999

We became junior paleontologists. My son ended up becoming the supervisor and putting everyone to work. He’s a natural born leader..They all did what he told him to.. Except for his sister, who did her own thing as usual haha.

As part of the place’s “deluxe” package.. They each got to take home their very own fossils

IMG_20140120_174817_031 IMG_20140120_174902_595

That clam shell is over 3 MILLION years old… The Shark tooth comes in at a whopping 15 MILLION.

How cool is that!

IMG_20140120_150702_159IMG_20140120_145818_154 IMG_20140120_150338_391 IMG_20140120_150914_697 IMG_20140120_151850_722

Then they became gem miners. They went deep into a dark cave and mined gemstones that they got to keep. It was a lot of fun sitting down and figuring out what kind of gemstones they got.. I definitely learned a thing or two!

IMG_20140120_152231_387 IMG_20140120_152235_464 IMG_20140122_090553_690 IMG_20140122_090730_517

Then we joined the gold rush and panned for gold! My son had big dreams of all the good stuff he’d buy… Until he went back to the mineral chart and saw this was not real gold but iron pyrite……

Other awesome things we saw:

IMG_20140120_154015_877 IMG_20140120_154040_273 IMG_20140120_154249_560 IMG_20140120_154322_919

It was a lot of fun! You can’t beat a field trip that is not only fun but educational for both the kid and the parents!


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