4 days! Eep!

Oh boy… School starts up again on Friday..

Friday..isn’t that weird? Here have ONE day of school and then enjoy the weekend… Why not give me, and the student body that I am a member of, one last weekend to rejoice in the freedom that is winter break? Or start earlier. I’d be cool with that too.. 

I feel really twitchy.. In between wanting to get this awkwardly initial first day over with and to do something so amazingly awesome in the last stretch of break.. Other than a bunch of marathon stitching we’ve toned down our crazy life antics..I have a bunch of navy wife brunches and I’m planning to train my heart out this week to make up for neglecting it in the future so feasibly I won’t be doing nothing all day until school starts. Plus we have no money for any epic outings so I’m gunna have to deal with being antsy until the first day


This is my when it’s cold outside project.. I work on it in the winter months and when spring shows I squirrel it away.. I started it 3 years ago and am finally almost done with the third row!


I started this morning going through my bag and prepping it for the upcoming semester…

And guess what I found….

My freaking Navy ID… 

My daughter has turned into a little bit of a klepto.. 

When I did what I will call the great purging of 2014 I never even thought to look in my bag. I scoured the house… the car..Little Miss’ room more than once.. and always came up empty.. So hubby got off work early Friday and we got a new one.. with a pic I’d rather die than display off..It figures that now that I finally caved and a got a new one that the old one pops up… 

I cleaned out my binders and it just blows my mind how much paper I chucked.. My school does not fully embrace the digital era just yet.. 

Now things are clean… I’m ready to start fresh 🙂

I gotta say though, I will miss my mostly clean house and having an almost always full gas tank.. 

I did have a talk with the hubby about sharing more of the burden while I’m in school, and how stressful it was to be expected to still do EVERYTHING and then get hell for it when I let things like dishes or sweeping the floor slide during finals.. It wouldn’t kill the two other adults to help out a little more when I’m stressed out.. It’s not like I ask for much… 

So I’m hoping with that and the added schedule tweaking I will have a smoother semester. Wish me luck! 


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