The Writings of a Stranger…

I think I disillusioned myself about my first semester of college. After being way for a month it felt almost like an experience I made up. I did a huge closure ceremony of sorts by cleaning out my bag and squirreling it away for a bit. I’ve had no reminders, other than my thoughts to prove that I was in fact a college student…I am prone to being so consumed with the NOW and transitioning to the present that I forget certain “modes” so to speak from the past. So sometimes it feels like that moment of my life wasn’t entirely fact.. like a blurred memory.. and I know that’s weird since it was only a month ago.. but this is how I cope with the constant coming and going of my husband’s submarine career.. It’s good for that portion of my life but a downfall for other portions.

I went back to purchase my books at campus. It was like a familiar, yet unfamiliar place. The entry wing was a buzz with people since that’s where most of the registry and financial aid places are. I usually don’t enter that wing for classes, and only did the million times I had to go there to sign up for classes, so that helped with the odd yet familiar feeling..

During classes, I always entered by the side wing to say good morning to the security staff.. I figured it’s good to keep the muscle in your good graces in a joint like that 😉

All these years I’ve heard college students bend over backwards to get a good deal on college books. I get it. How in the world can this industry seriously justify the vast range in prices for books. It’s like a treasure hunt, and may the best bargainer win!

I wasn’t above playing the game. Asked my friends on facebook where they find the best deals and spent a morning perusing. After all the work, all these random .com websites would have only saved me $30. I’d much prefer to give that amount to the college that is helping me gain an education. Fortunately I am blessed to be able to afford that luxury of a decision.

I also wanted to be able to look at my books before I purchased them. I’m ok, and prefer, used books. The difference of one book for my classes between new and used was $60…But here’s the thing…..I’m a snob when it comes to my English class.. I don’t want to snoot all over my previous English classmates.. but there was a clear division in my capabilities and most of theirs. There was only a handful of people that I knew would be able to give me honest feedback. It’s not to say that the other’s couldn’t.. but I never got any feedback worthwhile from them most of the time..

So I don’t want someone “not of my level” annotating my books.. I’m not gunna say it would dumb me down.. but their annotated words would be the first thing I read and it would stick with me.. I looked through my books and found only one section annotated in pencil so I figured I’d just erase it if I didn’t like it.. SCORE! I took those and went on my merry way.. I read the annotated portion when I got  home.. and it was beautiful…ok maybe not beautiful but it was a poem about memory and the way the mind works to distort and or destroy moments.. Their annotation felt mostly clinical.. but it was a great start at something with potential..

I feel a bit connected to someone now, holding their book in my hands.. Reading their thoughts… wondering how they fared and where they off to next. I want to know this person and see if they are as amazing as I’ve envisioned them to be..

Mostly if they are a guy or a girl, because the handwriting could go either way…

Weird right?


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