Here’s The Thing About Those Pay It Forward In Shopping Lines…..

My friend posted on facebook how she was a witness to the generosity of a stranger. A woman had purchased a few things at the commissary and her card came up declined. The person behind payed her $100+ bill without blinking an eye.. My friend commented on how it restored her faith in humanity and whatnot..

When you hear stories like that, it does kind of lift your spirits right?

Call me a cynic.. but when I read that facebook post I was reminded of this:


Is this pic adorable or what?

I used it as the cover of my credit card. Every time I use it, I get commented on how cute my two kids are..

This is the card I took out with us barhopping a few weeks back…

Our friend who DJ’s at one of the places told us to be careful and not keep anything in our jackets..

But when you’re tipsy and buying a round of shots for friends… things like not putting your credit card  in your jacket pocket hanging from your chair get forgotten..

Suffice to say my credit card got stolen..

And used at a gas station for cigarettes (I assume the price matches), a tank of gas, McDonalds and then an attempted $190 at Walmart….

I get angry thinking that whoever used my card got “oh soooo cute” comments about my kids..

I digress.. So.. that $190 could have been groceries.. It could have come up declined and some good Samaritan, in this whole helping humanity vibe, decided to pay their bill…Not that it happened, but if it did, do you think the people doing the good deed ever wonder just WHY the card came up declined? Was the card stolen, did they repeatedly try to use a card they didn’t see had expired, or were they not aware that a bill had charged early and they hadn’t switched over money yet?

(I’m giving myself a good eye roll typing this.. since I admittedly got my credit card stolen.. not really the poster child for great money management and yet I can’t help myself….)

I just can’t fathom how people can’t manage their money.. go to a store and are clueless when it comes time to pay the bill.. I can see going a few dollars over, especially if you aren’t keeping track of how much you’re spending.. but I’ve seen people with next to no money and even been there myself..The less money you have to spend, the more you seem to be aware of how much you become..It FORCES you to be more aware..I am meticulous about checking my accounts before I leave for the day, track what I spend on a budget sheet, and do my best to add up everything I’m spending so I know I’m not going to go over.. That’s a habit developed from having little money and being forced to make sure things get covered…

That’s not to say situations don’t happen, especially when you share accounts with people, but it blows my mind….

I want to be all on the humanity bandwagon and helping people when they’re down.. but there are far too many people abusing the good will of people for me to truly rejoice and feel my faith in humanity like my friend felt.. I see it every day when I go into work..

For instance. There was this one guy whose friend got kicked out of his parents house. His friend didn’t have a credit card, something we require in case of any incidentals at the hotel, and so he put his card on the account. The friend paid cash for the room and he assumed everything was legit when he went home for the night.. Well that friend had a huge party in the room, things got trashed and stolen and when he was notified of the upcoming charge his friend was like “sorry buddy.. you’re responsible for it not me”…

It happens ALL the time…

Then it hit me that I was looking at this all wrong. In my head I’m evaluating the merit of the person receiving the good gesture. Let’s face it, no matter the situation you can always find someone more deserving of your good will.. Searching for the right person and moment kind of takes away of the randomness of the good will. It’s about doing a good thing for someone simply because you can. It has nothing to do with the person actually receiving it..

So I’ll try to keep my bitterness of people abusing the good will of others to a minimum.


2 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing About Those Pay It Forward In Shopping Lines…..

  1. A friend once criticized me for paying for a woman’s sandwich. Subway won’t change $100 bills and that’s all the woman had; there wasn’t anywhere nearby that would make change and the woman looked confused. I told the woman behind the counter just to put it on my bill and swiped my card. The woman thanked me and my friend gave me shit-face. Here’s the thing: we don’t know if it was her last $100. It could have been. It was Subway, not Ruth’s Chris. And if it wasn’t? Who knows what it might have inspired her to do for someone else? At the very least, food didn’t go to waste. Sometimes? You just have to do something nice for someone and not waste time worrying about justifying it. ❤

    1. I would have done the same thing in the situation you described.. The person had a means to pay but there was an unexpected scenario, that you could validate, that they didn’t foresee.. plus.. a sandwich is isn’t a huge bill like someone’s groceries…

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