Faith the Sparrer

So I did something I haven’t done in well over a year…..

I sparred……

I am very gung ho “let me at em!” and mean mug the biggest person in class to make him my b!@#$ in Krav… but when it comes to sparring in thai I yawn and move onto something else… It’s probably the most crucial thing I’ve been avoiding all year long…. Most of the classes I take are geared towards conditioning. The few classes they offer for sparring are late at night.

My kids are amazing sparrers. My oldest has won trophies…


He is my kamikaze. He goes in with no fear and gives off this “I’m crazy and I know it” vibe… Sparring is where he shines.

My daughter isn’t one to mess with either….


She is a fierce little firecracker that waits for just the right openings.. and at her age, it’s easy pickings.

But myself….I suck…

No really.. suckity suck suck

First off….. I don’t like getting hit in the face….It’s not fun and despite blocking numerous hits it’s inevitable that you will get hit…I don’t mind being hit.. just not in the face! I don’t have the prettiest face by any means… but I like it the way it is….

Secondly… I don’t like headpieces on my face… I feel like my chipmunk cheeks are being smothered….

Especially when I have my mouth guard in…I can never yell at my son for chewing on his mouth guard ever again. Chewing on it was the only way I could breathe…Chomping down so much made my jaw sore and I ended up with a slight head ache…the hits to the head probably didn’t help the situation..

My friend R has taken it upon himself to by my personal trainer.. I actually learned a lot in the two sessions we had. Kyoshi let us spar during the black belt candidacy training and then during the youth/adult karate class.

I had this huge inability to keep my hands up.. which since I love my face so much you’d think this would have been more of a priority.. I was also “too nice” and mostly defensive..

Krav Faith and Thai Faith need to meet up and level each other out a bit..

As much as I suck at it…I will keep at it.I will have to spar during my black belt testing. I also promised my friend that we’d enter the tournament together this March. Whether she keeps up with the bargain or not I plan on at least getting out of my comfort zone and making the attempt.


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