The Great Lazyfest of 2013 and Feral Kindergarteners

Thus concludes what will henceforth will be known as the A family lazyfest of 2013.

Our Christmas break was ah-mazing! We slept in…..we took naps….we watched tv and played video games to our heart’s content…..We mostly stayed home and gorged ourselves senseless…..

It was a huge change to our normal routine and something I think we all needed….Myself especially. I’m the juggler. I always have 20 balls in the air and always on the go. It was really nice to not only slow down, but come to a complete stop for a bit. It helped me to refocus on the road ahead and I feel renewed to pick back up where I left off…

The Daily Post asked:

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Well…in a nutshell I want to be able to read through 2014 and comment “wow…what a hell of a year!” And not in the negative, I can’t wait for 2015 kind of way… I want  it to be like when you just get off a roller coaster and you’re trying to walk in a straight line as your equilibrium is adjusting way..

And it will…. because 2014 has some pretty awesome things lined up for me….

I’m turning 30…Awesome party in my honor….heck yes!

Getting my blackbelt…adding that one with my current black belt in awesoneness

Completing my first year in college. Hopefully with honors!

I will be looking smoking hot this summer…. Beach body…it’s happening!


There’s an impending storm looming our area that a good portion of schools in my area closed over. Our district makes the call first thing in the morning….I was semi banking on having no school so I could sleep in and  continue our mindless marathon of the Ultimate Spiderman.

They have brought out a lot of non mainstream characters that had hubby and I showing off, or challenging each other, on our geeky prowess.. Seriously though… if you have netflix check this show out.

Our district ended up resuming school after our holiday break. Now weather wise this makes sense. Other than a light dusting we aren’t projected to get slammed until tonight. There is nooooooo way we’re going to have school tomorrow.

So…after being out since the 20th of December we’re going to resume for ONE day and then be off the next 3 days….

That makes a LOT of sense….

And of course this one day that will be in session would be a Thursday…..the day I volunteer in the classroom. Those Kindergartners have probably gone feral by now…. O.O


12 thoughts on “The Great Lazyfest of 2013 and Feral Kindergarteners

  1. I plan to turn 30 quietly. LOL And I feel like I have no choice but to get into better shape: Sean’s parents are midway in the process of having a pool put in and want us and Megan to come over and enjoy it. Wheee!! His mother? In great shape. *sigh* … I’ll keep you in my thoughts today!

  2. We’re in the midst of a semi-lazy fest here, too. We are all on vacation but I’m also doing a show, so I still have to learn my lines. I was feeling guilty and beating myself up over not having the house completely redone and reorganized since I had 2 weeks to do it (and don’t go back until Monday). But truth is, we were exhausted and we needed the break.

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