Happy 2014! And 100 and 318!

Whew! What a lot of number up on there…. What do they all have in common..

This blog!!

This is my first official post of 2014! Sweet!

This will also be my 100th post on this awesome blog I call home..

AND! 318 is a light shade of grey on the DMC color spectrum.. .. and the number of followers I currently have!

I spent my New Years morning by the fire going through my 99 posts and picking out the top 10 I felt really gave a solid Faithie vibe..

I also saw how much I’ve developed as a writer..seeing improvement is a good thing 😉

Still need to work on conclusions though.. I feel like in a lot of the posts I kind of just trailed off and drifted into the sunset without really wrapping up what I wrote…

Anyways.. without further ado.. My top 12.. because I couldn’t settle on 10:

Irrational Fears 

First Loves


Building the Seeds of Kindness

Captain America

Concession Woes

Deer In the Headlights

That’s It Tooth Fairy! You’re fired!

End Game Trophies

7 Facts

Why Losing is Ok

Peace on Earth

To my followers, thank you for your continued support! What is your all time Faithie post?


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