Happy Almost New Year!!


I’m not even ashamed.. I am all partied out folks… Every week of November and December has felt like I’m reliving my days of being 21…I’m too old for a revisit to that time span… Not that I don’t enjoy being considered one of the cool kids that everyone wants to hang out with…  😉

I used to never put too much stock into New Year Resolutions. I get the idealism behind it.. but the realist in me sees how little people actually keep to them.. It is tradition at our dojo, to set goals for ourselves. Then we do our best to help keep each other accountable towards those  goals. If I had any forethought I would have taken a picture of our goal board at the dojo. People put their goal up and they would mark their progress… It was good to see people progressing and it did kind of help keep focused when others would be moving along and you had kind of forgotten what you put up on the board.

For those curious: I put that I wanted to run in a 5K… did I? NOPE! Not that I didn’t run plenty of 5K distances. The timing of 5K events that everyone was doing sucked for me this year. It always seemed to revolve around the hubby’s schedule to watch the kids and it always never worked out :/.. <~ or maybe I didn’t plan well enough and shouldn’t have relied on my husband to be around to watch the kids…

So here’s what my resolutions will be this year.

Health/Fitness Wise:

My conditioning is going to naturally increase as I continue to do my candidacy training..  I COULD list all the things required of me to improve on but since it’s going to have to happen it doesn’t feel like that’s an honest resolution. I think my goal this year will be to make the dojo more of a priority and stop using other less important things as excuses. It’s easy to say “Oh yeah Jane I’ll go have coffee with you Tuesday morning because it’s my only morning “free” even though that’s when I’m supposed to be in Thai..”  Or skipping Krav at night because my husband, who said he would go with me, is passed put on the couch and won’t budge.

What WILL happen:  I will see 128 on the scale. It’s been my goal for some time but I’m committed to making it happen this year… This has been delayed somewhat by school stress eating and being lazy the past few weeks

Career wise:

I suppose my career right now is college.. My goal is to make Thi Beta Kappa…. Keep up the good grades and after this semester see about getting a tutoring position at the center. These goals were already cemented waaay before the New Years so they’re not really Resolutions… I think that’s already a tall order so I’m not adding to it..


Relationships: I think keeping with my stay away from negative people resolution is working well for me! Thinking about it though…I’ve got a few people on facebook that need hiding..

Finances: Save more  and indulge less has always been a good motto to live by around here…. I do have my faults and that is birthdays and Christmas…. I’m not gunna lie… I spent way more than I should have this Christmas…. but I think it was worth it…


Stitchy Goals: To help with the above I am going to ONLY give handmade gifts this year. Excluding kids, I’ll still make the kids in our lives something in addition to a small gift. This will require a more structured stitchy agenda. This is honestly my one true resolution this year…so  if anyone wants to nudge me every so often and keep me in check with any of these … this  is the one to ensure my success with..especially as the school semester has me stressed beyond belief.




2014 is going to be a great year for me! What are you all planning to help make 2014 a great year?


3 thoughts on “Happy Almost New Year!!

  1. Thanks for sharing my link.

    I love your cross-stitch pieces! There’s a true emotional value in handmade, personal gifts. A resolution to make more of those can only lead to warm, positive feelings… a great idea.

    I wish you well in meeting all of your personal goals at some stage throughout the year.

  2. for the year 2014 I plan on changing our diet as a family and not just myself (Lylah was just diagnosed with a disorder and diet has been shown t help with therapy, so we shall give it a whirl), I would like to lose at least 40lbs. I quit smoking in August and put on a bit of weight, so time to get it off! I also plan to be more crafty this year. I used to do things all the time and then I just stopped. I want to spend my down time doing productive things, I typically watch a lot of movies which makes me feel lazy.. time to be more productive with my time! The girls want to learn how to make American Girl doll clothes, so what a better time than now? 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope you make it the best year yet!

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