Merry Christmas!

I was feeling this e card hardcore on our Christmas Eve which was Monday night.

Clean clean clean, buy buy buy, wrap wrap wrap, clean clean, buy buy, wrap wrap, take care of children..

All meanwhile hubby was sleeping all day on the couch…

Seems fair….

Our Christmas morning (yesterday) consisted of hubby trying to get some early morning lovin (so not only was I left to handle everything the day/night before.. I was woken up early.. suffice to say.. I was in no mood for love)

Then I had to orchestrate all the handing out of gifts, take photos and videos …

IMG_20131224_074250_973 IMG_20131224_080220_046 IMG_20131224_080232_874IMG_20131225_133015_210

And then make a huge breakfast which was my mother’s request since she had the day off and usually works every Christmas…

It was such a hit I was told it was now expected every year….. *twitch*

Two loads of dishes, more trying to clean and set up all the kids toys, laundry and then making  a dinner so big it made the breakfast earlier feel like a snack…. Every second I sat down there was one of the four in my care needing or wanting something.. I think I did get maybe 20 minutes to play a game my hubby had bought me for our new Wii U.. but then the son took over and it’s clearly his now… which I saw coming the second hubby gave it to me (unwrapped lol)

Then we had company over which meant another late night of entertaining…..

I’m beat.. and my Christmas was a whirlwind that I honestly feel like I missed out on…


Now today is the world’s Christmas and it’s been nice to just sit back.. let the over piling sink of dishes (I give up dishes.. ) and just relax while pigging out on enough left overs to feed us until tomorrow.  Hubby’s dad and girlfriend said they planned on coming over and seriously.. I give up.. come.. and if you really want to give me a gift this year.. do some dishes.. pick up all the random miniscule legos that my son is trying to convince me they gave in those legos boxes but he doesn’t need. Find the boot to one of my daughter’s dolls that the couch ate and could very well may never been seen again.

Seriously though.. Merry Christmas and I hope for all my readers that it is a wonderful day of celebrating with your family and enjoying the world around you and the blessings you’ve received all year long.



One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I feel your pain. Even though I plan, I had so much to do (plus working every day up to Christmas). Then we lost power with the ice storm and it all got derailed. We made it through, tired and exhausted, but it reminded me to be thankful for the little things like heat and light! 🙂

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