Lack of Neighborly Interactions

For the previous details of this situation check out our “Lack of Neighborly Interactions”

Our neighbor’s dog has been on our property at least twice since that incident. One I did catch the dog and brought it over… a day after I had posted regarding the situation.

Last night, while my family was at my husband’s family holiday party, my mom heard a pounding on the door.

She opens it to the neighbor guy. My mom had never met him before. But from the way he pounded on the door and was huffing, she could tell he was angry about something.

Before she could even say a word he “informed” her that he was looking for his dog.

My mom responded with “And you are?”

Apparently, when a big angry man knocks on your door, and tells you why he’s here but not who he is.. it’s rude to ask him who he is.

He ignored her and said he wanted to speak to the “man of the house.”

My mom, getting riled up herself, told him that he should come back later because my husband was not home.

He then went on to say he knows my husband hates his dog and he just wants it known that he finds it super suspicious that when he came home today his dog, lead chain and all, was missing.

My mom told him he needs to check himself because the dog was just on that line barking as usual at least half an hour ago when she had got home from work. My husband had been gone all day so he needs to watch who he’s accusing of what. Then she slammed the door in his face.

My mom is a blunt and to the point lady… but this situation shook her up.

So here’s my situation.. This man has TWICE come on our property with ill conceived notions of starting altercations with my husband. I’ve never had to deal with a douchebag neighbor before, but every fiber in my body wants to go over there and slap him and tell him if he steps on my property again his cop hating dog will have a field day.

I can’t just ignore it which does feel like the bigger person path to take. I don’t want this guy coming on our property making my mother feel uncomfortable being alone in our house. And with my husband’s job of being continually away I feel there is a need to ensure our safety..

He hasn’t done enough to get a restraining order.. but is it legal for me to have our lawyer send him a letter saying he’s unwelcome on our property and if he needs to contact us to go directly through her? I’m going to get in contact with her tomorrow and she what she says of the situation.


7 thoughts on “Lack of Neighborly Interactions

  1. I would definitly check it out with your lawyer, we have had all kinds of issues with our neighbors over our dogs and their rotting old fences too. I would also say to for sure call the cops the next time he comes over all riled up. Even if he goes back to his house before they show up, they’ll still come and talk to you then go talk to him and address the situation. Also then if things continue or get worse there will be a record of previous issues.

    1. You’re right! There’s already a previous record of me calling the police which is why he has so much anger against us.. he wants us to solve our issues in a “neighborly fashion” ie him trying to intimidate us but he met the wrong set of family.. 😉 I am a bit worried about the dog though.. I don’t think they’ve found him yet and if his lead is still attached he could have got it caught up in something.. :/

      1. That would explain all the anger and aggression on his part, but that doesn’t make it right! I wonder if he’s that angry all the time and that’s why his dog ran off…… Maybe it got stolen? I’m sure the puppy will be fine though, dogs are geniuses when it comes to getting out of collars and restraints. My dog can get out of a full harness in 2 seconds flat!

  2. I couldn’t get the link to the other post to work, but it sounds like a “cease and desist” letter is in order here.

  3. I do hope the dog is okay. But seriously. They should not be coming to your house in such a manner. I have experience with unruly neighbors. I say get a letter drawn up and send it over there so they know their place it is not okay for them to be like that.

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