How the Navy Stole Christmas….

Our family seems to be getting the bum end of the Christmas duty…

His last two Christmases on shore duty he had duty (duty for those not in know is a 24 hour period where my sailor is obligatend to stay with his command for a 24 hour period…which usually rolls into a work day so he’s gone for at least 30 hours). Those two times we were blessed. One single sailor switched with him one time and then the next Christmas they sent him home.

Then last Christmas he was deployed. That of course was harder on him than it was on us. I remember getting an email about how upset he was because they refused his request to play Christmas music in the galley leading up to Christmas. I was able to actually get some Christmas music on time to listen to on his down time…It is the little things that get missed

This year… we found out that he will have duty on Christmas. Which for 30 seconds I was inwardly cursing… but if there’s one thing I’m awesome at…it’s being resilient.

I shrugged my shoulders and said that Santa supports the troops…. he’ll just make his trip to our area a day early..

And you know what? I got excited about that idea! My kids are a: not going to get up at 4 am like last year because they won’t be expecting Santa to come a day early…. that in itself is worth the schedule change.

I also got happy about writing up a letter from Santa recognizing not only my husband for the sacrifices he makes…. but for how well my amazing kids endure it. The life of a military child is sometimes unbearable. And I speak from experience being a navy brat myself. They did not sign up for this life, but still it is theirs to bear…

I am reminded that we are not guaranteed moments in the same way that most are. It’s up to us to create the moments that become treasured memories.


4 thoughts on “How the Navy Stole Christmas….

  1. *hugs* Kudos to you for finding the positive! πŸ™‚ Sean read the title over my shoulder and snickered lightly. I don’t think there’s a holiday that goes by that he’s grateful to be home.

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