I Don’t Want to Grow Up.. I’m a College Kid

Pic acquired from jokideo.com

I volunteered in my daughter’s classroom the other day. I’m going to skirt around the fact that she has two boys vying for her attention in the classroom (gawd like everywhere in life.. seriously.. she is going to be the cause of world war 5. Boys are constantly fighting over her)

I was playing with one of the contenders the other day. He asked me where I work.

I replied that currently I was in college and didn’t work.

The look of horror on his face was priceless.

“You mean you aren’t an adult?!”

I laughed and said that I was an adult and that anyone can go to college.

Another girl, who overheard, came over and put her two cents in. “Adults don’t go to college. Only big kids go to college.”

“Yeah Mrs. A! You are a kid!” The little boy exclaimed. Then he slapped his hand over his face as he continued with, “I can’t believe it!”

This became a huge revelation that had to be shared at lunch time.

“Mrs. A is a KID. Can you believe it?!”

By this point I knew there was no convincing them.. Even my own daughter was on his side. She gave them further information to prove I am not an adult like telling them that we live with my mom (she lives with US .. a fact lost upon 5 year olds).

I think I did gain some cool points with the kids though. Being responsible, but not having the weight of stuffiness of an adult. They could relate to me a little more. I’ve always been the fun, run rampant with you during recess, kind of parent. Not above making myself look a fool on the jungle gym in the name of really engaging the kids. Yeah the aides and other volunteer parents must think I’m crazy.. but some parents when I finally meet them always start with, “oooo so you’re Mrs. A! My kid loves you!” I have kids from my son’s classes a few years back get excited when they see me in random places but look at other parent volunteers in confusion when they are reminded that they used to spend time in the classroom too.

I’ve never felt a “grown up” anyways.. so it seems fitting that I’m not truly an adult either in the eyes of the children…


My math professor emailed me the results of my final exam….

Got me a 98..

Who is awesome?!

In other news….yesterday was everything I hoped for.. It was relaxing.. it was productive.. it was most of all peaceful….

I kind of want to ditch my Muay Thai class today to recreate it…

Then I remember that my mom is home today so it won’t happen… Might as well go to class then haha


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