By The Skin Of my Teeth


Today’s daily prompt asks:

Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster.


I don’t remember my age exactly, and it’s not something I care to ask, but I nearly drowned.

There are some man made lakes on the Naval Base near where I live. One in particular has a pavilion set up and so a lot of summer functions happen there. My dad took me to one, and I remember him with a beer in hand flipping burgers with some of his buddies from work. I was allowed to roam freely and I remember playing some game involving a flyswatter and shaving cream or whip cream?

Then I remember going into the water because I was obsessed with some of the bigger kids that had decided to go for a dip. I remember just walking in, my first time probably that deep in water, and just walking until it covered my head. I can clearly still see the murky distorted images of seeing through the water trying to get to those cool kids much further away.

What I don’t remember is not being able to breathe. Inhaling the water instead of air and then eventually passing out.

Fortunately one of the big kids noticed me and dragged me out of the water. I’m probably one of the reasons there are now lifeguards at that lake…..


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