Today is MY Day!

For the past few weeks, as college life got more demanding and my home life required everyong needing my attention…. I focused on this day (Monday the 16th of December) to get me through… 

Pretty sure I aced my finals…but they haven’t posted yet…I got a 95 in First Year Experience… needed at least a 62 on my math exam to maintain my A in there…seeing as my lowest grade on a test in math was a 94 I should be ok… For my English class I need at least a 70 on my final paper to keep an A there….and not to brag but my paper was freaking awesome… I have confidence I blew that one out of the park. 

So with school over for a month and a half…..I get to spend this Monday, the day where the other adults go to work and the kids go to school….being entirely alone….. 

I have been on the computer for an entire hour and was not interrupted once….Even better: I’m almost done with my first cup of coffee and it’s still warm! And so am I because I’ve had nowhere to be but right beside the fire. 

Soon I will go up to do some cleaning…but it will be mostly be me jamming to 90’s alternative rock and when I jam it’s total kareoke hour….aaahhhh no one to complain about me singing too loud…. 

Then I’m going to bunker down again and stitch while watching hulu…..

This day is going to be awesome!


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