Peace on Earth

Now that my Christmas Cards are behind me (literally… a good few are in a box.. complete and ready for me to hand deliver them) I can focus my stitchy desires to what I want to stitch!!!! 



This and previous Candy Shoppe are part of a set designed by Dimensions. 

For those of you not in the stitchy know.. This is a design company that pretty much fostered my love for cross stitch. Before the world of the internet where you could get digital copies of designs… There was Dimsensions and their aisle of choices at the local AC Moore. 

Rarely do I actually purchase kits, which is where you get all the materials needed to complete the design. But these little designs called to me. Dimensions still never fails to make super cute desings. 

They’ve changed the ways they organize the threads for you. It used to be a cardboard square with holes. And the threads were jumbled together.. You had to not only seperate the threads but find out which color was which.. and trust me.. when you have colors like salmon and lt rose… it could be quite a headache..

Now it’s organized like this:


Look at that.. the color it should be, the name AND the Dimensions corresponding number to the color.. How freaking amazing!!


Thanks Dimensions!! This was pretty convenient…

Until I actually started using the threads… 

Here’s the thing.. Dimensions makes beautiful designs, that often require you to use one color for only a little section on one side of the project… then need it on the opposite end for a few more stitches.. Usually what I would do was tie off the thread in my section.. cut it and come back to it when I moved on to the next section… So I ended up with loose threads and no way to secure them back to their original color organized sections… 

The above, by the end of  a project was reduced to:


I am a problem solver…

So what I did to reduce my headache?

I did something on this project that I said I would never do…

I parked. 

Parking for those non savvy stitchers (who if you’re still reading this you are awesome! I didn’t really expect my non stitchy people to get this far!!) is when instead of cutting off a thread from the project to reuse later.. you secure it away from the area you’re working on to reuse.. 

I’ve seen people do this with 30+ threads and I have no idea how that is possible. In my head the threads would get convuluted more than being on the new card holders.. And how can you really figure out what color is which when there’s like 10 shades of the same color??!

This design was pretty easy to segway into parking because the colors were simple enough to figure out which was which. And oddly enough the threads kept themselves in an organized manner. 






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