Thursday Are All Right With Me

Thursdays have become a special break in the week for me. I call it my transition day. It’s where I start to focus on the weekend and tie up all the loose ends to get me through Friday.

It’s also the day that I get to have a special hour of Faithie time.. It’s the only time where I am home by myself and not having to be at the beck and call of someone else. Until 9:30 at least.

Yesterday I wrapped up my very first college course of the season. I banked myself a 95 in that class. I love how a lot of kids in my class kept going on and on about how easy that course is. And it is, so long as you put a minimal amount of effort into it. Yet so many of my classmates dropped out, or failed.

One in particular. He was in my group for a project. Every Monday at lunchtime we sat in the cafeteria and mostly goofed off. But when it was time the group did a pretty decent job of coming together. (and by coming together it really boiled down to Mama Faithie laying down the law and my little minions being too afraid to piss me off)

So when I saw that one of MY kids didn’t come to the final, and I saw him in the cafeteria I had to ask what was up. He told me that he was failing the class and only stuck around long enough for us to finish our group project. My initial reaction was to drag him by the ear and bring him to the professors office and find a way to work this situation out so he could pass.

Instead I smiled and wished him the best. If he needed anything I was there to help.

As much as I see some of these kids as MY kids, I have to remember they are adults and need to make their own decisions. Their own mistakes. That hurts me to no degree and I know it will hurt even more when it seriously is one of my children.

It made me thankful that I didn’t go to college straight out of high school. Instead I worked hard for a good set of people and was able to mature and truly see the value of what I’m getting myself into.Currently I’m holding a 97 in my Algebra class (before the final I take tomorrow) and I know for a fact I never would  have received as good a grade going straight out of high school. I absolutely refused to do my homework in that class…So although I was banking A’s in my tests and quizzes I would get 0’s in homework and class participation. It would bring my grade to a C. I remember one teacher in particular it used to drive crazy. He tried to instill me the value of doing the homework but I was set in my ways. He too, had to just let me fail before I could see the importance.  Or maybe I’m lucky now. Tests count more for your grade than doing the homework.. 😉


One thought on “Thursday Are All Right With Me

  1. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t have gone straight out of high school; I was always a good student (freakin’ people pleaser to the max). I didn’t go though because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. In all honesty, it took going back [for something else] for me to finally figure out the answer to that question. However, on the flip side of that coin, I see a lot of kids doing what the guy in your class did. They’re young, they don’t want to DO anything for the classes, they drop classes, fail them, or just flat-out walk out and never come back. There was a guy in my math class over the summer that would literally walk out mid-lecture and didn’t show up to the final. It was not a difficult class, but one that he NEEDED to go any further in school. >.< SO…maybe it's a good thing, too.

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