Snow Day!!!!!!! Wait…..


The kids and I are enjoying our very first snow day of the year!

A snow day is where you’re SUPPOSED to go to school but it’s been cancelled due to inclement wintery weather. I’m talking white everywhere! A majestic coating of snow blanketing my woodsy area and making it really feel like Christmas is on its way. 

So… looking out this window this morning I feel like nature is playing a joke.. Looks pretty non wintery to me..If my plans are being ruined for the day.. the least I can get is some photo worthy first snow pics… And a reason to stay by the fire and stitch all day.. oh. and study for a final.. that should come before stitching…I think 

What you can’t see is the sheet of ice over that railing… and everything… 

Yesterday we had a smidge of snow, that was iced over with freezing rain. My kids ended up having a 90 minute delay for school (missed my first class of the day..awweeesome) I wore a pair of boots that had absolutely no tread.. My driveway has a smidge of an incline.. I was sliding down my driveway with no way to stop for a bit.. It was only minimally better on the roads. According to my classmates it was worse going the other route to the school. I use the way by the casino.. Not to stereotype or anyhing: but you know they’re going to take better care of their roads because they a: want you to spend the dreary day in their casino and b: don’t want a lawsuit because everyone assumes they’re loaded. <~ Just another college level critical thinking process from yours truly… Turns out I was right though! It also helps that I have a Ford Nitro. I’ve yet to see my guy not handle well in the snow. (My car is a he.. don’t judge.. they all can’t be a she or there would be no baby cars like a Prius) 

Then throughout the day all that melted.. only to freeze again overnight leaving an even more potently dangerous sheet of  ice just about everywhere… My dog nearly slid off the porch on his way out..Maaan if only I had my camera ready he would have been an overnight internet sensation… 

Have no fear! Nature is hooking us up with some white stuff soon. According to we’re going to be seeing some flakes any minute! Which will most likely prevent the ice from melting again. Nature’s own 2 layer dip… Three if you include the sand mixture the town has been putting down on the roads…

Isn’t winter in Connecticut grand??? 



2 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!!!!! Wait…..

  1. In my entire school career we had ONE hurricane day. It might be important to mention here that hurricanes SUCK if you’re on the coast, but if you’re inland (like we were) anything less than a direct hit by a cat. 5 isn’t going to do anything. I think it was Andrew; in any case, it WAS a category 5, however, it wasn’t a direct hit on central Florida so…our hurricane day was a day of breezy bliss! 🙂

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