The Queen of the Ninjas

I had briefly touched on the innocent romance my daughter has has with this little boy at our dojo here. Even after all these months they are still pretty close.

Well my daughter’s boyfriend has moved up in the martial arts world. He is no longer in the 3-5 age group. He is a big manly 6 year old ready to break out of his ninja shell and see what the world of bigger kids has to offer.


My daughter looks happy as can be about their new belt promotion…

Until she learned that P would no longer be in class with her..

Inconsolable is a good word choice for the tantrum that ensued.. And my daughter rarely is upset…

The only thing that made her see reason was that she was now the highest ranking child in her age bracket..

“That means I’m the queen right?” She asked..

“Pretty much,” I replied.

Well folks.. She told Kyoshi this news. In class he formally gave her the title. Our Sensei too adopted the title… Not one person at our dojo has contested this. In fact, I’ve had more people say it’s more than appropriate.

We had an event where some of the other dojos visited. Kyoshi introduced Loreli to another little girl who is now the Queen of the Ninja’s at her dojo.

It’s an epidemic that’s spreading!


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