7 Facts

There’s a phase going around facebook that you say a specified amount of facts about yourself that no one knows.. You have to do this after liking the status of a friend that just listed facts. And they give you the number..

Usually I don’t follow these trends..

But when two people gave me the number 7 I felt it was meant to be.

So here are the 7 random facts most people don’t know … but kind of now do since I shared it with my facebook community..

1. As a senior in high school I had a group of freshman that used to call me Faith the Almighty. Some would even randomly bow to me in the hallways. Katrina, although not part of the group changed one of the songs she was learning in Catholic school as a song of worship to me… sooo yeah I’m probably going to hell for starting a minor cult back in the day…Instead of kool-aid it was apple juice 😉
2. Amanda and I almost got to meet 98 degrees because we had made an epic sign they had seen going through backstage… but when they called for us we couldn’t hear because we were stuck in the back area of Bash at the Base… some tears may have been shed… <~ or that’s what my mom wants us to think.. I think it’s an elaborate hoax she’s been playing on us for years.
3. When I was little I had a smidge of a Scottish accent… When we moved to Groton some kid made fun of my accent… so I tied him to the slide with my jump rope. I was a pretty violent kid back then…..
4. The song “Gotta have Faith” by George Michael freaks me out.. When I was younger I thought the song was a message from him that he was going to come kidnap me. I had a George Michael fallout shelter in my closet that consisted of a bunch of super huge stuff animals my dad was good at winning.
5. I have a phobia of pregnant people..I watched Aliens at too young of an age… I’ll leave it at that…
6. To get myself up super early I have my alarm set to play my fight songhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-KvzFgw6sA . Julie and I may or may not have agreed to both be in the next GMA sparring tournament.
7. The first time hubby said he loved me was in a picture he drew while waiting for me to get off work one night. I reciprocated by saying I love you the first time in a small cross stitch design.. He still carries that design in his wallet and I have the picture he drew me framed and hanging in our bedroom. We’re geeks that were meant to be 😉


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