Fighting the Frenzy….

I avoid stores this time of year,

The second Halloween is over it’s Christmas music blaring. All the advertisements for gifts and sales invade my music jam session in the car..

At first I’m angry. How dare the stores keep diminishing the value of what should be a sacred holiday!

Then I’m like.. Well.. it is only 37 days until Christmas. It’s not that unreasonable to want to start planning early. (I know how many days because Walmart has a sign right as you walk in…)

To OMG! When is Thanksgiving going to be over so I can break out the decorations and finally revel in the Christmas Season…

Ehem.. Poor Thanksgiving :/

In my defense though… I’m first generation Scottish American on my mother’s side.. and an 1/8th Cherokee on my father’s side. Sometimes I feel that I should be held to less standards than others.

Growing up my mom always made it clear this was an American holiday and not really worth the effort seeing as she was non American. My father was non existent in my life at that point so I never had the American version of myself to keep that thought process from invading my own thoughts.  We always went to one of her friends houses to celebrate. Which meant little Faithie, who never seemed to be in the right child age bracket, was left miserable the entire time my mom and her friends got drunk.

My most favorite Thanksgiving was 2 years ago when we decided to visit my aunt Debbie in Pennsylvania. Previous to that we would spend the holiday with my husband’s side of the family. I even hosted Thanksgiving at my house and thought it was good but they never let me do it again so they must not have thought so…. It was just my mom, husband and kids and cousin and it was the best few days. So great in fact that my kids still mention it and refer to it as the perfect visage of Thanksgiving.

Last year my husband was deployed and my mom didn’t want to come so I opted out of going. It was then that I learned that my kids now considered the PA version the best.. I did too. So now with hubby being home we were planning on going this year to PA!

Until work conflicts arose for hubby and he rescinded his leave time so someone else who needed it more could take it..

Which is fine, but now we’re stuck with another inlaw Thanksgiving. Which isn’t bad at all. Dare I say my inlaws have grown on me. It will be a great time, no doubt.. But while sitting at the table eating my family, hubby included, will be wistfully thinking of PA.



And don’t get me started on Black Friday…..


2 thoughts on “Fighting the Frenzy….

  1. I never had much want to go out and Black Friday shop in the first place. After three Thanksgivings of retail? No. Sean asked me about it a few days ago and I refuse. I know what’s out there (the stores hawk the same cheap stuff year after year without the masses noticing) and none of it’s worth it.

    We celebrate Thanksgiving (and Christmas) here at home each year. My mother, her crazy friend and now the kid that my mother adopted all come over and it’s…okay. It’s really just become and excuse to eat and visit for us. 🙂

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