Lazy Weekends

So much for the post every day gig… I missed three days in a row..

And not for lack of blogging… Lack of finishing a post is the culprit..

Things haven’t been that interesting in my life to really merit a post..

This weekend has been quite the opposite of last:

Worked on forms for black belt candidacy. It’s funny how switching things up can mess with your mind! There were only three in my group. We mastered the first five forms. Then we were told to switch the order… Easier said then done! Some of the forms are really close together, so it required a lot of thought of what comes next. Or when you pause.. And for me.. Stop being the Enegizer Bunny and slow down so we’re going through it all as a group.

Now we’re home relaxing….

And by relaxing I really mean cleaning….

Usually our weekends are chalk full of things going on. It’s exhausting and I feel like I don’t really get a break from the week, just a diversion.

Non scheduled weekends means that I get to stay at home…

And clean…..

Sounds boring and a waste of a weekend.. but at my old age.. It’s the best thing ever!

We cleaned out the car.. It was in desperate need.. And now I know where all my son’s pants are…. Mystery solved!

The kids helped by wiping stuff down. I wish they were as excited to clean their rooms…. I almost can’t remember what their carpets look like..

Assuming they have carpeting…..



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