The return to running and Krav

Winter is definitely here on my parts.

Thanks all of my friends in my area for informing me that it was snowing yesterday…

The way people were going on about it on facebook you would have thought we were having a blizzard…Instead we got a few lazy flakes that didn’t stick.

That didn’t stop my friends and I from running the two mile loop. It was much more relaxing than with the big bunch of black belt candidates and a grumpy Kyoshi aggrivated with your time.

My current time on record for two miles (although I learned yesterday was that the loop is actually 2.25 of a mile…they lied!) is 22:10. I promised my friend J that I would stick with her since she’s not a runner…

Our run yesterday was 23:10. 

I learned a few things:

It’s really hard to adjust to someone else’s pace especially when it’s slower.

Secondly. I need some awesome running gloves if I’m going to keep running in this weather.

If you cut through the plaza you can shave some time off your run (our friends did that not us 😉 )

On top of this I’ve been taking Krav again. I’m getting really frustrated to the point where I want to give up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Level 1 instructor, but we’re not meshing well. My biggest gripe is that he expects me to be able to do something a giant like him can. I can’t shuffle in as much distance as he can. He keeps correcting me on things I know I’m doing right and what others says I’m doing fine. One of the things I love about Krav vs Muay Thai is how versatile it is. You’re supposed to train so that you learn the rhythm of your body and how it wants to react in defending yourself. I’m getting really discouraged because I’m trying to do as he asks but obviously falling short, hence the frustration. 

All this extra training has made me ravenous. I can’t stop eating, I have metabolism issues and when I boost my routine up or even slow it down my thyroid needs time to adjust. Hopefully it maintains soon because my wallet can’t afford it



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