I Survived…

I can successfully announce that I lasted 28.5 hours with 5 kids…Three of which were not my own..

I learned a lot about my parenting style..Strangely enough it follows a lot of the principles the ninjas are taught within the martial arts:


I’m a explain the reasons behind what I ask of you.. but then leave it up to you to being reasonable enough to follow my advice.. So if I explain why you don’t walk on the outside of the rim on the trampoline because it’s a three foot drop and will SUCK if you fall.. I don’t want to hear you cry about how you fell…  In fact.. unless you broke something..  I don’t want to hear you whine at all..

Health and Fitness:

I’m a hide the candy and give it out in small increments type lady.. If I bought it for you.. I reserve that right.. When you’re running around like banshees <~ it’s time for the sugar to go.. Oh and sorry we don’t drink juice in this house.. Water or milk will keep you hydrated I assure you. And no we tend not to have lots of junk food in the house.. Because I eat it…


Running with my tapestry scissors makes me lose my mind. There are few things that I will go ape crazy over.. Anyone touching my tapestry scissors is one of them.. If my husband were around right now he’d tell you….


When one of you messes up then you all mess up. You are a team and as strong as your weakest member.. Reality check: Hitting and instigating the kid you KNOW is going to freak out and lose certain privileges <~ You lose them too…Whining does not help your cause…NEVER has it ever helped a cause in this house..


My kids know when I’m setting them up… I make it pretty obvious that I know the truth and expect you to fess up or suffer the consequences <~ and I am a say what I mean parent.. If I warn you.. you betcha I follow through my kid or not.


Do not ask me to do something that you can do for yourself. There will not always be someone around to find your shoes or where you lost your ball.. Or at 10 years old pour you a cup of water… You are not king in this house.. I am queen and no queen serves anyone. I will help and guide, but I am no one’s slave.  If anything.. I should be served.. but I’m humble enough to take care of myself 🙂

This weekend served to further prove just how wonderfully amazing my kids are… I am blessed!



I’d totally do it again though.. call me crazy O.O


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