Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a heads up on what your day was like?

“Yo your day is gunna suck… stay in bed”

I was nervous because today officially started my black belt candidacy training…

I love to run…on treadmills.. Running in downtown scares me.. THERE ARE CARS…. I feel like a random car is going to come up the curb or try to turn as I’m crossing.. There will be a huge magnetic field that will lead to my untimely death. It could happen! The chances of it happening on a Saturday morning at 7 am are slim… but it could.. that’s enough for me to say screw it and run on a treadmill.

And to be there at a time I’m usually just waking up is cruel.. I feel a bit like a spoiled brat because the previous candidates had to go in even earlier.

It wasn’t too bad.. but running in the cold SUCKS… To boot, not only did I take the candidate training but I took the regular thai class…

I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow…. but I at least would have still gotten out of bed….

What makes me think I would have stayed in bed is this:

My dear friend needed to take her husband to the hospital. Three kids + sick hubby + hospital sounds like a crummy situation. So I told her we were at the dojo and that I would keep an eye on them…

The dojo time led to taking them to lunch

And by taking I mean we walked since I don’t have a car that take 5 kids and myself anywhere

Stressful? You betcha. One of the kids is a button pusher.. He likes to see how far he can get with you… And who knew there are so many freaking buttons you could try to push within a person…

I’m the saint of the year after not flipping my lid ONCE..

Then lunch turned into heading to the movie theatre…

Which led to going into GAME STOP to stay warm since the movie theater decided not to open until 15 minutes before the movie was to start…

That led to the oldest getting pissy because I would buy him anything.. and demanding to see my wallet to make sure I didn’t have any money..HAH I don’t even let my husband know how much money I have.. so you have slim chance of seeing my riches Mr 10 year old.

Finally the movie. Where the youngest complained about how long the movie was taking.. I guess Thor just doesn’t peak her interest…

Then me finding out that the situation with the hubby was pretty serious so he was being admitted..

Before I even knew what I was saying I said the kids could spend the night…

“I got nothing going on.. just two huge papers to write is all… I can totally do that with 5 kids tearing up my house… I LOVE A CHALLENGE!”

But…. on the flip side.. sometimes you sacrifice your sanity to help our friends…

She ended up picking up the eldest because he has a game but he’ll be dropped off here shortly..

Pray for me……


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  1. You, Miss, are a friend and a half!

    I usually have a moment in the morning where I’m like, “I should really stay in bed today…” and then I’m all like, “Nah, can’t do that…up and at ’em!” and then, several hours and countless amounts of punishment later, it’s back to, “Dammit! Why didn’t I listen to that little voice in my head this morning and just stay. in. bed?!”

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