Thanks for doing the right thing?

I find myself doing this a lot to strangers:

When people say good morning or hello or even make eye contact.. I oooooze a bubbly gratitude..

Me: “Good morning how are you!”

Stranger: “Good morning”… (monotone)

Me: “How are you today?”

Stranger, slightly taken aback. “Good you?”

Me: “I am GREAT! Thank you SO MUCH FOR ASKING!” <~ Even though I am the one that initiates the asking how you are.. I always act like they made my day just by taking the time to muster a response they probably weren’t even aware they were saying.

Some people kind of roll with it.. some give a smile.. most look at me like I’m on crack and walk off in hopes I don’t turn out to be a stalker and follow them randomly in the halls.

I always bring some coffee with me to the campus.. I swear the coffee at the campus is equal to diner coffee.. which means it’s nasty.. seriously.. How can you call yourself a CAFE and serve lousy coffee?!

This is one of two cups I bring with me:


The other is Spiderman.. that’s right.. who’s drinking in style??? THIS GAL!

Side note: Those damn tumblers were $18,00 each and my kids never use them.. so heck yeah am I going to use them probaby for the rest of my LIFE

Yesterday I was dragging. Not sure why but I needed a second cup of coffee to boost me. OOOOO yeah I had a math test (got myself a 100 on that test) I wanted the caffeine to pump me up. I put it into the tumbler and when I went to pay I told the lady it was 10oz so I wasn’t sure if that inbetween a small or a medium.. She did the same oozing I do when saying good morning about how she appreciated how honest I was and that others would have just put the coffee in their cup and walked off..

Seriously? It’s a $1.50……

If there hadn’t of been a long line behind me I would of asked why she felt that..

I assume it’s like one person ruining it for everyone.. if one person decides to steal the coffee.. then most people are stealing the coffee… And that’s not entirely accurate. People actually stealing is grossly less than those paying. But you tend to remember the negative situations and let them impact your thoughts, emotions, and actions a lot moreso than positive ones.

So we find ourselves actively praising people for doing we now feel is a good thing.. when it’s actually the right thing…

Make Sense?


2 thoughts on “Thanks for doing the right thing?

  1. Sad, but true. However, it does seem that for every person that does the right thing, there are at least two people that do the wrong thing right behind them. :-/

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