A post a day…

So a week in and I didn’t mention it, but I signed up to be a part of the November BlogHer

I clearly am confused as to what I was supposed to do other than post every single day… and I have to admit that I may have already missed a day. In my defense, I started a post but felt it was too in depth to rush it through in a day..

I have standards after all 😉

I should be spending this time writing my next English 101 assignment.

I am still on cloud nine from yesterday. See, this English class… it’s hard.. And my professor has been dubbed one of the harshest graders EVER. He even likes to boast about it like it’s something your students will value in you as an intructor. EEK!

Our midterms had grades of roughly:

As: 3 (woot me and 2 other lucky individuals)

Bs: 3

Cs: 5



Papers are graded on a 5 point scale. One point and it’s an INSTANT B at best.. And I dunno how he graded things because people seem to always have a million pen scribbles all over their papers. Nothing says you suck with half your paper scribbled over.

I have one good friend in the class and I told her once that when I’m writing these papers, I’m always striving to get a 5/5 but it feels like realistically I’ll only get a 4/5 at best..

Well folks.. NOT ANYONE!

I got myself a 5/5!!!!

Who’s awesome!!!!!

This gal 😉

As it stands I have all A’s in my classes… I dunno how I’m pulling off that awesome magic but I hope it continues!

I have chosen what college I want to attend after community college.. and that I want to minor in:

Wait for it………writing!!!!

I’m not too sure what I want to major in. Communications sounds like a major I could enjoy but I’m also thinking secondary education. I think I’d be an awesome Social Studies teacher…I did take this online career evaulation quiz and it said I would make a great editor. (Don’t laugh all those that find my million errors on this blog) I think that would be fun to do!

I dunno I have 2ish years to decide.


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