No Filter Friday

Cupcakes and sailors mentioned a really interesting point that we should note.

The person you represtent to the internet world, and even those you see in the real world, is not an accurate representation of your true self.

It reminds me of an article I read by Kenji Yoshino.

He describes a term called covering. He identifies that each of us have two (or more) versions of ourselves. There’s the True Self, or the vulnerable aspect of us. It’s one we are afraid of showing the world because we feel that it has so much potential to be ruined. Then we have as many False Selves as needed to function within the world. The False’s job is to assimilate into the roles we play in society and to act as a shell around the True Self.

I can relate to that. I always felt that I never was myself around others. I have the dojo Faith, the sub wife Faith, the hotel clerk Faith etc.. There were some low self reflecting moments when I wondered if I was truly myself with anyone. Why I felt that I couldn’t just be myself around other people…

For today, I am focusing on the “You always have it together Faith.” I get told this a lot no matter what Faith shell I’m wearing. I am always happy, always seem so together, nothing ever gets me down.

Well.. That’s not true..

And here’s proof:



In my Day Off Post I mentioned how I cleaned up my kitchen and made it sparking clean…

Then my mom came in and made dinner two nights in a row and didn’t pick up one lick of her mess… kids in the morning woke up and consumed food leaving their dishes wherever they could lay them.. The yellow in the bottom was a bucket of playdoh that is kind of all over the floor…

I think we can agree my kitchen is a hot mess…..

But NO ONE KNOWS. I am running around, doing a million activities and projects with a smile on my face giving the world the impression that I am just fine and dandy….

Yet I admitted that I get a sense of happiness from a clean house… so how happy am I really world????




3 thoughts on “No Filter Friday

  1. Love this post. One of the things we talked about yesterday in my reading is finding my true self! So crazy to come here and read the same thing from you. Glad to see that I’m not the only one with a messy kitchen today. 😉

  2. I’m always grateful when people cook for me, but I’m even more grateful when they clean up behind themselves! 😛

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