A Day Off……

There is a nasty bug going through my college….

With my “compromised” immune system it was no surprise that I caught it…like every other sickness that ever comes by…I wasn’t in the first wave of sick people though.. so yay immune system for at least ATTEMPTING to not get the nasy bug..

I was miserable yesterday. And at 5 am when I had to drop my husband off at work I felt miserable too…

So I decided to take the day off of school…

SHHH! It’s not really skipping or playing hookie if your nose think’s it a fountain right?

It worked out a smidge because my first class was cancelled….. because my instructor was sick… Surprised? Not me!

I did miss a peer edit in my English class… but… I’ve become a bit of an elitist… My papers so far have been well above average (I’m that awesome) .. and every time I’ve had my papers read by my classmates they’ve never really had anything to add.. so what good are they to me? It’s the best time to miss class in my opinion… Math I can figure out myself..

So instead of going to school what did I do with my time???

I cleaned my kitchen.. Other than mop the floor, it is looking sparkly clean.. I’ve come to that point in my life where a clean home brings me happiness <~ A true sign I’m getting old…

I started watching the show Sleepy Hollow:

And continuing on my never ending Bells:


Oh and I started up our woodstove…. FIRE!


My house it nice and toasty 🙂

It’s been a great day off!


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