Fall Fun

Thanks to school and other obligations, we haven’t celebrated fall as much as we used to.

We’ve still been celebrating! And this week especially has been packed with family fun! I think it was made even moreso fun because the Mr. wasn’t supposed to be here to celebrate.. 

From Pumpkin picking:






To a small party put together by the support group:








My son ended up winning scarest costume… surprised? This kid kept in character the whole time we were there. He would lay in a random spot and the little kids would come up and poke him until suddendly he would jump up and chase them him… He is his father’s son for sure!

Then Ppmpkin carving! But that part of our day was so awesome it deserves it’s own post 🙂




7 thoughts on “Fall Fun

      1. Must admit I’m impressed you know Wolverine. See he lost a bit of weight. Do you think he’ll share his diet with us?

        LOVE that you guys embrace the holiday, that is not celebrated here at all.

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