End Game Trophies

This was my son’s first year in “organized sports”.  I put that in parentheses because my son has been active within the martial arts for years, but football was a completely different world.

For one, it’s seasonal. You devote a season to the sport and then like lost little sheep the team scatters to do whatever they were doing before, or revving up for the exciting life of ANOTHER organiazed sport. (various parents have insisted that basketball is the next big thing.)

The norm now, is after an organized sport has come to an end, it is usually wrapped up with some form of dinner/banquet where the gifts are given to the coaches and trophies are handed out…


To every team….

You can read an article here about a Texas football team that decided to not give out trophies

I honestly could care less if my son received a trophy or not. In fact, it’s been sitting on my kitchen window seal collecting dust. My concern lies mostly in the comments section.

We as a society have devalued competitive sports to such an extreme that the only worth left is if you won or not. The majority of comments I saw were this: Trophy=wins. If you didn’t win you didn’t work hard enough. Giving out trophies to kids who don’t earn them is the reason Americans wants everything handed to them…

Here’s my comment from what I posted on the above: (which if you click the article you can read)

How does the average American child spend their time after school? Glued to a tv eating junk food. The kids that particpated in my son’s youth football league this year spent their entire Monday-Friday evenings in August training and then when school started accumulated 10-12 hours [per week] training and participating in games. For my son, who is 8 that is a huge committment that most children his age can’t even grasp. I didn’t put my son into football to win. I put him in football for him to develop the skills that will one day make him a successful leader in his community. The reality is that hard work doesn’t always equate to winning. When my son received his trophy I asked him what he felt this trophy symbolized. He answered that it stood for the all the hard work he had put into his team and that he never gave up even when he really wanted to <~ That is a better lesson to walk away with than any wnning score card could give him. The trophies they give out at the end of the year are meant to symbolize that greater win than just the competitive portion to the sport.


Giving kids trophies is the reason Americans are lazy? Oh, of course it doesn’t mean the person actually commenting.. They can’t be lazy.. It’s everyone else..

I am getting really frustrated with this mentality I’m repeatedy being run over with.. Everyone else is to blame for my troubles.

Trophies are the downfall of our society… REALLY?!

That  6 inch trophy trumps all the values I’ve painstakingly tried to instill in my son. My son is victim to the sway of that little man holding a really shiny football. He will never work hard again in his life. And I’ll never be able to bank on his riches and live in some snazzy old folks home….

Good thing I have another kid who hasn’t been corrupted yet!

Which leads me to ask what my awesome readers think on the whole trophy controversy??


3 thoughts on “End Game Trophies

  1. I think the quoted commenter was confused with trophies being given out and the league where there is no “losing team.” I think that, in those leagues where there is no team that loses, but everybody wins, it may take away some of the point away. Surely, the entire point isn’t whether you won or lost; he obviously got something out of it regardless, but sometimes in life there can only be one “winner” in life. Sometimes you bust your butt trying for something and still don’t win. It’s a part of life and I don’t think that a lot of the more recent generations have figured that out. I don’t think that everyone being “winners” helps them to figure that out and learn how to cope when they aren’t the winner. *points quietly toward the chick in her early twenties still pouting, a month or more later, because my friend received a promotion at work and she did not* I get that. But I don’t see how a participation award is anymore than a physical manifestation of a pat on the back saying, “You tried and that DOES matter.”

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