I don’t want excuses… I want results!

Almost a year ago our neighbors rented out their house. For the most part people in our area keep to themselves. If I didn’t have to see some of my neighbors at the bus stop we probably wouldn’t interact at all. And it’s not because we’re not all neighborly people, it’s just the lay out of our properties.

Since these tenants have moved in, their dog has driven me crazy. They leave him on a run line that is a few feet away from the road. The dog barks up until 3 in the morning sometimes. Without fans to drown it out, no one was getting any sleep. My husband especially couldn’t handle it, as they moved in while he was deployed. He has little patience with it…

Well in the middle of summer, the dog got out… and bounded into my house… This is not a small dog by any means. It is a pit bill boxer mix. So to see a huge large dog bound into my house was a sight… To see said dog bound onto my youngest child freaked everyone in the house… My son was able to “save” his sister while I grabbed the dog.. The dog was extrememly friendly and curious, but he scard the wits out of my youngest. I was able to get the dog outside, but other than hold on, that was it. The owner came over.. I tried to introduce myself.. but it was a haughty mumble of “thanks for getting my dog” and that was seriously all I’ve interacted with him at all since this weekend…

The second time the dog came on my property it was pouring rain. The people weren’t even home. I felt awful just putting the dog on the line to be rained on, but he couldn’t stay on my property. My daughter was crying just at the sight of him.

….. few months go by..

Thursday night, around 12 my husband and I were woken up. The dog …. was barkng right near our garage. My husband and I went outside and the dog had cornered my 18 year old cat. My husband, who HATES the dog was livid. We heard the girlfriend calling for the dog, but the second she heard us outside she ran into her house. ???? My husband grabbed the dog and brought it over. She pretended she didn’t know what was going on. Gave my husband hassle for knocking on their door… Um seriously? Apparently as my husband was walking away she said she was about to pay him for getting the dog.. My husband told her he didn’t want her money, but he wanted her to take better care of her dog.

So my husband came home, told me what happened and i was livid. We agreed that if the dog came on our property again we would call animal control because they don’t give a damn. She didn’t say it directly, but we’re assuming she’s been letting the dog loose because the barking is now keeping their newborn up…

The following night (Friday night) we get woken up again.. Only this time the dog is trying to jump on my mom’s car to get our other cat. The dog follows me in to the house and I did as we said we would.. Only animal control was not answering so I called the police. I informed them the dog was really nice, but the last time we brought it over the night before the neighbor was really hostile so we didn’t feel comfortable giving the dog back ourself. So the dispatcher sent a police man to take the dog over… Well when the police came almost an hour later a few things happened

One…. my husband bonded with the damn dog.

Two… the sweet adorable dog became a beast guardian dog from hell. I could barely hold onto him as he tried to attack the police officer.. And in my head, I’m replaying the image of the police man shooting the dog that tried to bite him… I’m in near tears holding onto this dog with all I can because I’m afraid either the police man is going to kill him.. or get bit..

So the police officer said he would go to the neighbor and have him get the dog. … I asked my husband to exchange the dog because he’s by far stronger than me. I went inside and the neigbbor came.. expressed how aggrivated he was that we called the police and how we’re “supposed to be neighbors”

Well… that angered me.. but it’s one jab that was probably said in irritation about the situation…. Who gives a damn? The dog is home and I can sleep…


Five minutes later there’s a knock at the door

Neighbor guy came back…

Tony started to get up…but I told him no…. This is my turn…

I open the door… Smile on my face and ask how I can help him..

He asked to talk to my husband.

I shook my head and said no… he got me.. So how can I help?

He said, I don’t want to start any trouble.. I just want to talk to your husband..

No sir.. maybe you didn’t hear me the first time… you got me (still smiling if you’re curious. At this point I was hotel Faithie, the conflict resolution specialist). I told him it was me he wanted talk to, as I was the one that called the cops.

He raised his eyebrow… ooooo so you’re that called the cops..

Smile still on me face… Yes indeedy? Want to hear WHY?!

(Insert Beast Mode Faithie.. the one that takes crap from no one… with a minor in argument skills learned from my recent college argument courses)

Your dog four times has been on my property.. and in three of those instances put either my kids or my pets in jeopardy. They are on MY property, and is MY repsonsbility to ensure their safety. We tried previous times being nice about this and each time you put us in a position when it was clear that “neighborly negotiations” are failing. So yes, I called the police to stress the seriousness that I found the situation and the safetly of all the pets involved including his.

So then he explained it’s my husband’s fault that his girlfriend became hostile.. he claimed that my husband yelled at her with the baby on her hip or some bull like that.. My husband is many things… but he is not yeller… (at this point Sensei Faith came out…. I DON”T WANT EXCUSES I WANT RESULTS!) I smacked that excuse down… by a: making it clear my husbabd is not a yeller.. he says things in a jerkish manner and can rub you the wrong way… but he doesn’t yell. Then I pointed out that since neither of us was there, and heard drastically different scenarios we can’t count it… even assuming my husband did yell.. he’s in EVERY position to be pissed off. Your dog tried of off my 18 year mostly blind and deaf cat…

Then he tried to go on and make me pity him? He doesn’t even want the dog…. Sensei Faithie response: Good.. you don’t take care of the dog properly. He’s not barking out there all hours of the night because he’s defending his turf or likes the sound of his bark. He’s barking because he’s in need of social interaction and the attention a high energy dog needs. You are taking piss poor care of the dog and don’t deserve him. (by this point my husband came down and was listening to me ream into the guy.) He mentioned how he loved the dog and would take it (Beast Mode Faithie denied that request)

Then he tried saying.. well dogs will be dogs… (Sensei Faith returns) Are you serious?! Did you really just tell me that bull line and expect me to be like… oooooo well ok then.. valid point.. NOOO! BAD DOG OWNER! You are responsble for that dog and ensuring his safety, well being and proper training. He is a WICKEDLY SMART DOG. In the hour I had him he knew exactly what I expected of him and he accomodated to make me happy. (except for with the police man… that was a surprise!) His lack of obedience is on the owner, not the dog. I won’t accept anything other than  “I will invest more time into the dog’s training to ensure not only its safety but of my neighbors since being neighborly is high on his list and all”….

Then he went to the fact that he didn’t appreciate the police being called.. Being the only black man in our neigborhood he feels I singled him out and that the cops will be singling him out. (Sensei Faith pauses… did he really just pull the race card?! School English 101 Faithie pats Sensei Faith on the back and informs her that we spent a whole week “swallowing the guilt of the race card” as my professor called it.. so we are now immune to the guilt that card is supposed to convey) I pointed out that the only thing that probably singled him out, was how aggressive the dog was to ONLY the police man… Boxers are notoriously protective of their masters… So how many altercations has this dog seen with him and the police to automatically assume that police are a threat?! That’s not from being black.. that’s from doing stuff you shouldn’t be doing…Don’t you bloody dare to pull the race card with me..

Then we played what I call the carosel argument. (Hotel Faithie dealt with this a lot at the hotel) It’s when people in an argument see that they are losing the argument.. and have no new material to draw from…so they repeat their argument over and over again… In turn I give the same answers because at this point it’s just a game of patience… I’ve yet to lose a carosel argument…. I can keep repeating myself for hours if need be…

Obviousy.. he isn’t going to own up to being wrong in this situation at all.. And I don’t think he was fully prepared to deal with the awesome that is Faith….

But! In the past two nights his dog has been put inside at a respectful hour, ie no barking until 3 am.. and I haven’t had any visits…

So even if he doesn’t agree to the responsibility… he at least knows I am a force to be reckoned with..

And that for now is enough for me 🙂


6 thoughts on “I don’t want excuses… I want results!

  1. Good for you! My Mom has a hotline to animal control I believe, and I am sure I can get you a number (or at least some info) to help in those situations. No good chica! If only you knew the number to the homeowners, that may have helped too. Good luck with that!

    1. The old neighbor guy might have their number actually… I guess he went over the other night and asked if there was anything he could do to help and the girilriend and it made her feel uncomfortable which is why she was sketchy about Tony going over that night..

  2. No idea how I missed thi…wait…no…October…yes, that’s how I missed this. *sigh*

    I agree completely; take care of your animals or don’t have them and we’ll get along fine. But I had to LOL at the carousel argument term! I’m holding onto that one for future reference as I’ve been on the receiving end of that one oh so many times! No, really…SAYING the same thing repeatedly and excepting different results is the definition of insanity and doesn’t work, people!

    I also agree with what was said above: if I were the home owner, I would want to know if this was going on. Heck, given our present situation, I reached out to our landlord to let him know that, if any of the neighbors happened to call his office, yes, I am aware that the CSI van probably made it look like we had all been murdered in the house and then the furniture out to the curb probably made it look like any survivors were moving out in the middle of the night, but that that was not, in fact, the case. (Given that he has a business office and is only one short Google search away, I figured it the best course of action.) Also, they might not even have the dog on the lease. That would certainly explain why they were so twitchy about the police being called.

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