Week 7… Almost Halfway There!

Today marks the halfway point of my first semester in college.

For my First Year Experience Class I am currently getting a 98…. Not that it’s that hard… Show up and follow the syllabus and you’re golden. I really like that she keeps you updated on the online website affiliated with the community college.. Seriously.. all my grades and assignments are on there.. It’s idiot proof…

She also has been giving extra credit for your midterm.. I’ve so far chalked up an extra 15 points for that when it comes up next Monday.


Me and my youngest at a charity walk for diabetes.


My oldest looking out at the light house…

So yeah, we had a blast and it was a great bonding moment with my kids and getting to include them in some of my college experience. And getting your professor to tell you that you have the best kids she’s ever seen <~ better bonus points than what she’ll give me on my midterm!

English is by far the most challenging class I have. Seriously… I was told that he is one of the harshest critics when it comes to grading papers… soooo no pressure or anything right?! And when he grades papers… he does it on a 5 point scale.. which means if you do ONE THING WRONG.. it’s an automatic 80 at best… only 1 person in his three classes (like 80 kids) got a 5/5 on the first paper. The class average was a 3/5… which is a 60… So far I’ve been managing 4/5… I can’t believe my worst grade so far is coming from my best subject…. I’ve been working my tail off on my research essay which will be counting as our mid-term. I even went to the tutoring center… My goal is to try to get a 5/5 on everything.. but realistically I’ll probably only get 4/5…


In my Pre-Algebra class…. I finally rebuilt the synapsises leading my brain back to the information that is being presented… It really makes me wish I had done some studying prior to my math placement test… because now… I feel like I’m surrounded by idiots… no offence or maybe a little… When I was in high school I was in the advanced classes… or “fast paced” classes as they called it back then.. So I’m used to a quicker teaching rhetoric than focusing on ONE thing a class. The fact that things get so dumbed down… and repeated over and over again is driving me crazy…. But….. I got the highest grade on our first math test… Making my grade in there right now a 94. So.. I’m liking myself to the queen of the class…

So that’s my school experience in a nutshell right now


7 thoughts on “Week 7… Almost Halfway There!

  1. Yup. My math class notes have some detailed doodles on them… But I also didn’t want to study, pass into a higher class and then end up lost. I’m still glad I didn’t do that to myself, but…it’s been a long past few weeks in this class.

    1. I keep telling myself that lol.. Or that if I learn all million ways to do this crap I can maybe use it later and get paid to tutor people ;). But I can’t help but cringe when poeple ask her to go over something we’ve already beaten like a dead horse…

      1. Honestly, one of the things that I loved about my prof. last semester was that she would tell people that she’d already beaten it to death and she wasn’t going to hold up the whole class – that they needed to go to the tutoring center if they didn’t “get” it and figure their shtuff out. Few people liked her because that is almost exactly the way that she said it, but if you were in class and taking notes? You got it. It was the people texting and not showing up that were like, “Wait…what?” >.<

      2. I really really wish mine would do that… we are already so behind according our syllabus and I’m like biting at the bit not wanting to take the entire class away from her lol. She’s sweet but she does need to grow a pair…But I can’t blame her because some of the people in this class.. just aren’t there mentally… For instance, the person who got the second highest grade was trying to get into a conversation with me and another person.. We were talking about my son and the girl interrupted saying “Wow you have kids?! You look so young!” And I laughed and said I was 29, and my son was 8…She gasped and said “You’re a teen mom?!” I kind of gave her a second to redo the math… but when it was clear it wasn’t going to happen I just laughed and said…”Did you seriously get the second highest grade in this class?! I was 21 when I had my son….” <~ that's what we're dealing with here lol

      3. LOL *face palm* Some people…just cannot do basic in math in their heads. That’s what I’m going to run with at least… I have been severely disappointed in the mental capacity of the people around me in my college adventures though.

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