Happy October!

It’s a day late, but happy homeversary to me! Well to us… It was yesterday, 5 years ago that my husband and I closed on our house:


Five years later and my yard never ceases to amaze me!

My husband was tending to the yard about a month ago when he found this:


A pumpkin! Growing right in the middle of our brush line!  I had seen the large leaves taking over our raspberry bushes but had no idea what they were. Well… now it’s pretty obvious isn’t it!


I was psyched!!!!!

Something ate the smaller ones growing, but this one survived!



Getting ripe and ready for fall!!!!



Whatever took away the smaller pumpkings wanted this one too.. So we decided to take it from the vine…

And here it sits waiting for us to do something with it……..

Isn’t that cool!

Another few finds I’ve found in my yard as of late:



Found this guy in our driveway. My husband says it’s a baby snapping turle… hmmmm I think something had planned on eating it (ie the cat probably) and it got abandoned in our driveway.


These pretty white flowers were blooming all over my rockwall area!


These catepillars are everywhere right now



And of course the deer…This one family of deer keep coming into my yard.



Probably the last nice photo I’ll have of my garden before the frost comes….. I worked hard on that garden.. I know it’s not much… but I loved my time out there…

As I’m in New England, one of the best spots to embrace fall.. Expect some epic fall photos in the near future 😉






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