For Whom The Bell Tolls

It has become quite “popular” that every year I hand make the Christmas cards. I usually pick 4-5 designs and mass produce as many as I can make from October to the 10th of December. I didn’t realize how important these cards were until I decided not to do it last year… I thought a general picture collage photo greeting card from Walmart would suffice.. (especially since that’s what everyone else does) but apparently I have set myself up to higher standards… I believe my aunt even insinuated that I ruined her Christmas because now there is no 2012 to display with the others…

Here are a few photos from my 2010 collection:




See…simple.. I didn’t put too much rocket science into making them.. Lot’s of time yes…. But I am also aware that a good few probably get trashed…For something that took me maybe 2-3 days of my stitchy time… I chalked it up to be a waste….


205541 205555


Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the cards themselves.. just the designs I was using. I ended up adding small charms in the centers. Those cards were so much better than 2010’s.. I’m disappointed I didn’t take any photos.

This year I promised I would get back into the Christmas cheer and do another round of hand made Christmas cards. I can’t ruin Christmas again can I???

My first design in the 2013 series comes from the 2010 edition of “Christmas Cross Stitch Favourites” I apologize now for bringing that C word into the blogsphere so soon into the chilly seasons. Stitching up these cards require that I start early

IMG_0783 (2)

So far I’ve completed 5, This design is easy enough to mass produce with little effort.

I brought it to the dojo yesterday. I occasionally stitch while my kids take their classes. Some kids usually sit and watch me stitch and ask a question or two. One older girl started up stitching and she asks me questions that no one else seems to have an answer for. Yesterday though… I was SWARMED by kids and adults who had received cards the previous years. One friend was gushing about how great my stitching was… It’s a simple bell… anyone, including the 9 year old could pull off this easy design.

It is nice though to be complimented 😉

I’ll try to remember this when I’ve made 30 or more of these bells and I wonder if I’m about to lose my stitchy mind….

It leads me to wonder, so please answer… What special traditions do you have that put you into the holiday spirit?



5 thoughts on “For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. I’m…still working on traditions. I started one last year of getting Sean and I a gift; celebrating us a couple and getting us something that we both want. (Last year was the Kuerig. We still love it.) I really want to find something that I can do with the kids, but it’s hard to get them all organized and to find the time. (Especially since they’re now in school until the Friday before Christmas. WTH is that?? I remember getting out on, like, the 17th of December and having a whole week to lounge about before the big day! Last year we had let them have a “sick” day in order to have time to go to LegoLand.) So I’m curious to see what other people do, too!

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