Deer in the Headlights..

You know the look… You’re in the middle of something, and then BAM! Something surprises you and you freeze in an awkward position assuming that will give you magical powers to figure out what the hell is going on… 

I had that… with…

A deer… or three…



It’s not the sudden arrival of wildlife in my backyard. That happens all the time. Deer are a dime a dozen in my area. 

What is surprising is the location of the deer. You can’t tell from this distance, but right behind this deer USED to be a beautiful hosta plant. My husband transplanted these hosta from my main garden bed and lined them around the driveway. 

Little unknown fact: Deer love hosta plants. 

They wait until they are nice and plump and juicy. Ready to blossom some really pretty flowers…. And they devour them blossom and all in one sitting. Leaving nothing but stumpy leaf stems.

It’s hosta genocide…

Those F*ckrs.

6 years… SIX YEARS I have been losing my hostas to these beasts!

And when I come face to face with them… What do I do?

I freeze….. slowly reach for my camera and take pictures….




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