The acclimation: SaWheet

Well I am currently 1.5 into my school week…Enough time to say I’ve acclimated to my new role in life?

I have settled well into my classes.

I found out that the average age of a community college student is 29. I am the average?!.. Take that all you kids who look like you can’t grow facial hair yet!

The work load seems pretty light now.. but factoring in WHEN to do it is rough..

Here are the perks to my new life:

My house is CLEAN. I leave for school .. come home and it’s STILL CLEAN. I have been able to clean areas that usually get neglected… My laundry room actually has a floor under those piles of clothes… Who knew?!

I went grocery shopping by myself for the first time in probably 10 years… My bill was $30 cheaper since there was no one begging for this or that… I didn’t have to weasel out of those god awful car carts that have a gravitational pull to anything and everything other than a straight line…

I am starting to REALLY like the house being quiet. The first day it was creepy.. I kept thinking the old Sea Captain was going to whisper something in my ear. (For those that don’t know.. where I live people used to bury their family on their own land. There’s tons of random graveyards that people stumble upon in the woods. The only recorded burial on our property is an old Sea Captain..creepy right?) But now…. there’s no kids fighting.. I can do a task and actually finish it without being interrupted!

I also get to watch tv all darn day if I want… If I want to watch something MA I don’t have to wait until bedtime…

I get to listen to non Disney songs on the radio

By the time the kids get home I’ve have enough of myself and engage with them a little more. I don’t feel so drained or worn out.. And both kids loving school…

So far so good!


8 thoughts on “The acclimation: SaWheet

  1. “I found out that the average age of a community college student is 29. I am the average?!.. Take that all you kids who look like you can’t grow facial hair yet!” LOL I didn’t know that! We are the average! WTF was I so worried about?? Though I want to know how they figure that one…I seem to be surrounded by “dual enrollment” 15 year olds in a few of my classes.

    At the start of this semester we found out that my classes and Sean’s classes were opposite each other; on the days that I go in earlier, he goes later and vice versa. He made a face at that. I about did a back flip. It’s not that I don’t love him, but that I also enjoy the quiet and get most done while the house is quiet!

    I kinda wish we had a sea captain! LOL That sounds kinda neat. Maybe that’s just the fact that Florida has next to no historical value… Some guy came here once, looking for the fountain of youth. He didn’t find it. The end. >.<

    1. I dunno where she got that math from… but if you add it with the fact that most people drop out of college in their first year.. it probably culls a lot of those whippersnappers out in that time period.. and a lot of community college students can be returning just to further other degrees so you wouldn’t really see them in the “core classes” or whatever they’re called down there…
      And yeah! We love our Sea Captain! A little creepy knowing there is a dead body in your back yard.. but at least he’s supposed to be there… would be really scary if it was just kind of left there lol

  2. Tuesday started my new found Me-time as well. Both my children are in school all day, so when I am not working I am home.. by myself.. I have noticed the same thing.. my house stays clean! I can go somewhere and come home and it is STILL CLEAN.. and most importantly, because I feel refreshed, I have more patience and time to devote to them because I am not trying to fold laundry, cook dinner and mop floors all at the same time! ❤ Enjoy your time lady, I know I do!

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