Concession woes


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Signing my son up for football meant I had to volunteer for something…

Let’s see… I know nothing about football so I can’t assist in coaching, refereeing, or announcing. Or holding those little sticks that mark the area..

It left me with concessions, donating snacks and or cleaning the bathrooms…

I opted for waiting for someone to see that I hadn’t volunteered and pulling the newbie card…which worked! Until they were able to add some games to the roster. That required a home game or two that needed those concession stands manned…

Can I bribe you with a monetary donation instead?? No?  I thought this was America!

I told the lady that I’ve never fried or short ordered squat in my life.. She said ok, you can be a runner! All I had to do was get the food from the grill line and prepare a minimal amount of stuff.. I can handle that right?

When my time came, the lady at the register asked if I was her relief… Um? I was to be a runner… She practically ran out there saying that the runner had just started…

Wow.. no easing into it..trying to figure things out?! It’s not that bad of an experience…


It was a looong 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t get one break. (labor laws man!) Fortunately I can handle math.. 2.50 +2.50 = $5… I can’t tell you many people thought they were expecting .50 back when they gave me a $5

Here is a few things I learned from working the concession stand:

1. People like to make things even… They will order as much as it takes to make sure they don’t get money back… One $1 soda thus becomes a cheeseburger and a Hershey bar as well.

2. If you tell children that if they bring back their soda and water bottles they get a free piece of gum… they steal half full cans from unsuspecting adults and even… dumpter dive…

3. People will wait in line for a good chunk of time.. get to the ordering window and complain about the line.. then spend 10 minutes deciding what they want…

4. If a child screams long enough to its parent.. They can get whatever they want…

And lastly:

5. Never give out a cup of ice… No one will buy water again..


By the time my shift was up… I feel a bit guilty admitting this, but I practically ran out of there as quick as the first cashier…


4 thoughts on “Concession woes

  1. Three. Yes, three all day (or rather all night) at my last retail job! Yes, the lines suck. They suck because people can’t do basic math and have their change roughly counted out before they get to the cashier. Because the 15 minutes in line was spent playing Fruit Ninja and not locating their debit card; which is never in the pocket of their weekender-bag-turned-purse that they thought it was in. Because they can’t do basic math, again, and have racked up too large of a bill and must then spend 10 minutes deciding what can be put back. And it tends to go like this: candle holder and random picture frame? Need. Milk and bread? Can wait until Friday. Because five people have all piled their purchases haphazardly into the same cart and now must figure whose is whose. (Someone ALWAYS ends up paying for something of someone else’s.) And then there’s always the person that forgot something that they HAVE to have and didn’t realize it until all their purchases are rung up. They look at the line and then look at you and often outright ask, “Can I just run and get…?” Srsly? Did you REALLY just ask me that? No. I’m sorry, but no. I cannot hold the line while you go decide which scent of deodorant you like best. *deep breath* No, I’m really not sure how I made it as long as I did at the job or why I wasn’t terminated for abusing customers…

  2. I think you may be on to a very interesting story here….wisdom from the Popsicle lady or something like that. I smell a book deal, or is that just the hotdogs? Love it either way, and thanks for the follow!

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