Lizard attacks!


ImageThat my friends is a monitor lizard.. Not indigenous to our CT area. This pic was taken by a member of the community forum that I am affiliated with on July 14th. Since then our little forum has been ablaze with sightings of the infamous “Ledyard Lizard”. T-shirts are in the works…

Sadly the Ledyard Lizard had to be put down. An elderly person called the police stating that an “alligator” was attacking her chickens. Due to previous encounters with people who stated the lizard was a little on the aggressive side, I feel the police and animal control officers did what was best. 

I am absolutely appalled at what non residents, who are hearing of the lizard for the first time are saying:

Here’s only one:

Holly Eve Genovese · Follow

really, really, why does it seem like 90% of all police officers reach for their gun as the first reaction to a danger, (real or imagined.) Chickens have a chicken coop that they could have been isolated in and humans and domestic animals have barns and houses they could be put in until the perceived danger was resolved. Then, Officers, what you would do would be to isolate the danger (or follow it at a safe distance if that was not possible,) contact HUMANE animal control to sedate the animal and bring it to an appropriate location for RELEASE! UGH, please can we start hiring intelligent and humane police and animal control in this state and in this country?
I know a few of these police officers personally. We’re that small of a town. In no way would I think our police officers would just shoot first ask questions later. 
Secondly, Animal Control had been on this for weeks.. Kept everyone informed on location sightings and what to do if it was seen. They had reached out to the community.. and not one “expert” tried to help out.. 
We as a society have developed no respect for law enforcement. Every police officer is crooked. They are only out to give YOU a hard time and always have something better to do that harass the innocent good people in our nation. 
I admit police officers sometimes do STUPID things.. Add some pressure to anyone in a situation and you raise the chances of stupid things happening. They’re trained and conditioned so that they do LESS stupid things.. But they are still human beings, given choices and have to react….
RIP Lizard… 

3 thoughts on “Lizard attacks!

  1. This one’s tricky… A year or so ago, law enforcement shot a family dog when they went charging into *the wrong house*. A few months ago, an *animal control* officer shot a litter of KITTENS while a mother’s horrified children looked on. Mind you, *I* know about those stories and I generally try NOT to read the news, so I’m sure there are a ton more out there. It makes people touchy to a point where they don’t realize that this isn’t something that these officers see everyday or know how to handle. It sounds like they handled it the best way possible.

    Also? Some people just have too much time on their hands. One of our local shelters that I adore recently posted a photo on FB and made the announcement that a diamondback rattler had been captured in a residential neighborhood. The photo showed them holding it with a catch pole; the kind with the loop that they use for dogs. I’m guessing that it’s what was available to them, so they made do in the interest of public safety. So far as I can tell, the snake was unharmed and relocated to an organization that’s licensed in keeping them. And…people were still whining about it.

    My favorite: “That’s a good way to break a snake’s neck. Your doing it wrong.”

    I wanted so badly to reply, “Dude, please. What, exactly, do you think I would do to it if it was in my backyard with my kids? I don’t have a snake hook or a catch pole. I have a shovel and I don’t wait for animal control to have time to get to my house if there’s a dangerous animal or reptile in my yard. And it’s “you’re”…”

    …and that’s why I’m not allowed out in public alone and probably shouldn’t be online either.

    1. haha I shouldn’t be left alone in public either! I have to agree though. I think my biggest issue over all is the profiling.. all cops are bad.. all cops are lazy.. that’s not a mentality I want to have.. some cops clearly have done things that can’t be explained away.. in this case with LL the media didn’t present enough information for the masses to make an informed decision so they immediately went to stereotype the situation

      1. And that’s the media, too. It’s a lot less interesting when it’s a potentially dangerous lizard that was dealt with in the only way possible. I really, really loathe the media…hence my opposal to the “news.”

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