Captain America

I woke up this morning to a notification that my husband had posted on my facebook timeline.

He’s always posting something stupid to my timeline. Usually something funny related to our shared loved for various geeky outlets…


Let that sink in for a minute while I tell you my love for Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ackles was my “boyfriend” during deployment. A little piece of man candy to keep me warm on those long cold nights of stitching.

I had it perfectly timed so that I could enjoy a season of Supernatural each month.. When the sub extended I panicked.. I need Jensen Ackles! My mom suggested re-watching the series… Success! I survived deployment and got my mom hooked on the show in the process πŸ˜‰

Yes…. my geekiness has no limits.

So when they casted Chris Evens as Captain America, you bet I had an opinion:



Because Chris Evans is the Human Torch…..

I can tolerate Ryan Reynolds being both Deadpool and the Green Lantern…


Because one is Marvel and one is DC.

If you know anything about the Marvel universe it is this: It’s exactly that.. a universe. 99% of the characters all exist… TOGETHER. Just in various areas… That’s why it’s possible for all these damn cross overs… Why X-men and Spiderman sometimes join forces. Why Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark have ego contests but combine to take down Dr. Doom…

Unless Captain America and the Human Torch are long lost twins, born in different eras.. it doesn’t work for me….

And acting wise… Chris Evans was stellar as the Human Torch.

As Captain America… yawn.. I’m glad he had to share the screen with the other Avengers because every time he was on it was a snooze fest…. His “Down to Earth Good American Boy” act instead came off as bland…..

Jensen Ackles.. Well if a boy from Texas can’t pull off “Down to Earth Good American Boy” no one can…

He would have been perfect, and now that I know he was the second choice…I will stew and brood the REST OF THE DAY…


8 thoughts on “Captain America

  1. Dear Marvel,
    April and Faith request that YOU COME TO YOUR SENSES and re-do Captain American with Jensen Ackles.
    That is all.

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